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House Staging 101: The Master Suite

The house is about to hit the market! We are wrapping up the staging and tonight I am going to feature the office/master suite. It is a fourth bedroom on the living level of the house with an attached bathroom. We use it as an office and common bath, since we prefer to sleep on the same floor as the kids, but it could be used as a master if the new buyer wanted to.

When we bought the house, they were using it as a den/family room and this was the photo from the MLS listing:

Honestly, we actually weren't even using it as an office. We were using it as a storage unit. We had boxes and boxes of stuff we never unpacked from the move a little less than a year ago. The room looked a lot like this:

Looking into the bathroom hallway (closet doors on right)

The first thing i did was repaint the room. I wanted it to be a different color than the living space, and I wanted it to be darker to accenutate the white crown molding (it is the only room in the house with crown, which once again implies it is the master)
Yes, we have crap piled halfway up the wall.. it was like an episode of hoarders

Paint before (left) and after (right)

Then we decluttered, decluttered, decluttered. I used all my sewing notions and antiqu sewing machines along with Hub's giant book collection to stage the shelves.

This is the result:

Looking in the opposite direction (at the closet doors)

Looking into the bathroom
Yes, that is the very same bathroom I made over earlier this year.   In case you have erased the horror from your memory, it looked like this:
Of course there is no MLS listing photo, because nobody would be crazy enough to feature this ugly ass bathroom on their listing

Fortunately now the bathroom looks like this:

Much better.

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