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The Kitchen: Cabinets, Counters and Floors!

This is how I have been spending the last few weeks of my life:

Finally I get to take off the dust mask and head on to bigger and better things.. LIKE CABINETS!

They have arrived and this is one task I am NOT taking on myself.  I am paying someone to install them. ($1280)  If you are interested, they are Merillat Solid Maple Cabinets.  The style is Portrait.  (They cost $4081.)

This is the new cabinetry layout:

When the cabinets went in, I (with help from my dad) installed the new floor as well.  ($455 plus $26 in installation supplies.) We ripped up the god awful fake wood peel an stick floors and put in what looks like tile. (Shhh.. it is laminate.  We needed to stretch the budget)

To save some money I did my own finish work (base molding and trim work)


Cut down the trim with a mitre box

Hide the nail head with a nail set and wood putty


The baseboards (a 1x4 with decorative molding on top) $26

I also had to encase the steam pipe I relocated previously.

We also had the new countertops installed.   The counters are Quartz (Silestone) and the color is Grey Expo (from the Volcano series).  They were $2762.00 installed.

So.. Ready for the big reveal? 

Here it is:

These pictures are also a giveaway of the new paint color(s)! I also got a new sink ($279) and a new faucet ($138).

Like the bathroom, I once again used Martha Stewart's line of paint.  The colors are Saguaro and Timothy Hay.  ($55)

I also installed the dishwasher and hooked up the electrical.  I needed to call a plumber in to do the drain because I had to reattach both the disposal and the washing machine drain.  Best $240 I spent.

You also can see where we installed the new microwave ($150) and had to have a new outlet installed to accomodate it ($188.)

I will do another post with the revised budget numbers.  Remember I was shooting to keep this whole endeavor under $10,000?!?!

Do you think I did it?

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