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The Guest Bathroom: IN PROGRESS

So I lied to you.. I've decided I'm not doing the big reveal tonight. Instead I'll show you some of the 'work in progress' pics as a teaser.

I also want to tell you up front that the plan was to do all the work myself (except for re-glazing the bathroom tile), with a budget of 1000$

So.. First thing I did was rip that ugly vanity out.
Here is what it looked like (since you can't really appreciate it in the before pics)sitting on the back porch.
Since it sat next to the tub it was all discolored on the right hand side.. ick.

What remained in the bathroom:

I also ripped down the horrible towel bar and TP holder down:

Next thing I did was rip down the medicine cabinet. The original plan was to use the existing wiring to install a new fixture.. However when I tore down the cabinet, this is what I found.
You can see where the oak cabinet was placed OVER a hole in the wall where the original flush mounted cabinet used to sit. The illegal wiring (ungrounded knob and tube was just pushed into the void in the plaster.)

TIME TO CALL THE ELECTRICIAN! No more DIY for me. I am not an idiot.

In the meantime, it was time to test out paint colors.

And tape off the remainder of the room.

And the winner is... Martha Stewart's Brown Alpaca from Home Depot.
I want to say how much I LOVE this paint (and they didn't pay me to say that.) The color palette is right up my alley, it is low VOC, the coverage was fantastic and it was CHEAP. I can't recommend it enough. I used it for the remaining projects in my house and couldn't be happier.

Anyhow.. At this point I also installed the vanity, installed the faucet, and re-hooked up the drain. 100 year old iron plumbing doesn't play nice. Lets just say it took me almost 5 trips to the home improvement store and 2 trips to a plumbing supply wholesaler to get it done.. but I did.

I also replaced the towel bars, replaced the doorknob (the previous doorknob didn't have a privacy lock) and I repainted the door and trim. However, I was still waiting on the electrician.. so I had this:

I also needed to deal with the nasty tile, which now looked pink with the coffee colored walls. The re-glazing process (where they etch and basically paint your tile) was the last step.

Eventually the electrician came, fixed my fire hazard of a wiring job, and I was able to drywall up the hole. (I did have to leave a permanent junction box in the wall to deal with the stray wiring, but I knew I would cover that up with my mirror)

A little drywall tape, mud and paint, and it looked as good as new:

The color of this pic is off since I was using fluorescent lights to test the fixture!

So stay tuned.. I will show you the final pics of the "after" including the all-new tile color, as well as a full summary of the budget, since just like any Do It Yourself program, that is what everyone really wants to know:

How long did it take?
How much did it cost?
Did anyone lose a limb?

Come back and find out!

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