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The Guest Bathroom: BEFORE

PROJECT 1: The Guest Bathroom.

The first thing I decided to take on as DIY project was our guest bath. (It is the only bathroom on the main living floor of our house, and is also attached to the fourth bedroom)

It was quite the hideous 1980s inspired mess when we bought the house a few months ago.. Let me give you the big tour:

First up, the sink and medicine cabinet. Ah yes.. stunningly beautiful oak, with a touch of 1984 dressing room thrown in. Always a good look.

And on the other side of the room.. a matching GIANT towel bar which has become discolored and moldy.

And I love the matching toilet paper holder, no way you won't be able to find the TP in this room:

And in case you couldn't tell, yes.. the tile is in fact FLESH colored and looks like it was ripped straight off the walls of a chinese food restaurant.
A friend of mine said it reminded them of a gas station bathroom that someone tried to "gussy up." Yeah, except for the fact that it has a bathtub, I think that pretty much nails the description.

So this is what I had to start with.
Come back tomorrow and I will show you the after. Nothing a lot of elbow grease and a $1500.00 budget can't fix.

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