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The Guest Bathroom: AFTER

Here it is: The Big Reveal of the Bathroom Remodel.

In case you can't remember what I'm talking about here is the before:

And now:

Or how about this:


The thing that helped the most (besides getting rid of the god-awful oak) was putting up a dark wall color and re-glazing this flesh colored Chinese restaurant tile:

Ahhhh, white and flowerless. Much better.

Now for the big question. How did I do on my $1000 budget?

PRETTY DAMN GOOD! If it weren't for this little fiasco I would have been right on target:

Here is a breakdown of my costs:

$550 Tile Reglazing
$148 Vanity
$36 Faucet
$28 Wall Paint
$20 Door Paint and Door Knob
$44 Plumbing Supplies (piping, trap etc.)
$93 Light Fixture
$47 Towel Bars, TP Holder, Shelf, Coat hooks
$30 Mirror
$3 Trim Molding (around vanity)
$999 <------ Can you believe that?!?!

 But unfortunately, because I hit a snag, that is not the last of the budget line items:
 $280 Electrician
 $19 Drywall repair supplies
Final Total: $1298

Still not bad at all considering what it would have cost me to have someone do it. Plus it took at least 30 years off that bathroom. Now if the Kitchen will only work out so well.

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  1. How did the reglazing hold up? Was it different to clean with it done?

  2. It was pretty good all things considered. We didn't have the actual tub glazed and the tile guys warned us that you didn't want to put shampoo bottles or soap directly onto the glazing since it could lift the paint, but since ours was just the walls and tub surround we didn't have any trouble. It looked pretty darn good, even 6 months later (which is when we sold)
    Compared to a whole new tile job, it was DEFINITELY worth the price!


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