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Flashback Friday: Reassessing My Goals and March In Review

Welcome to another edition of Flashback Friday!  Can you believe that 2014 is already ONE QUARTER over?  Since I only have 75% of the year left, I am stepping back to make sure that I’m still on track with the goals I set for myself back in January in order to make 2014 AWESOME!
Since you don’t remember what they were (heck, I can't remember what they were) let me remind you: I had 5 blogging and 5 project goals for the year.

Blogging goals:
1. Find my voice:  I wrote about that extensively back in February, and I feel the same way still.  I have been trying to focus on putting out the best quality content I can, and not worrying so much about all the background noise out there.  There will always be more successful bloggers and there will always be less successful ones.. and I can’t compare myself to them. I just have to be the best *me*

2. Social media: Honestly? I’m doing much better at this.  I have actually gotten a handle on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Google+!  (I’m even hosting a big Google+ plus party with Amanda from MommyisCooCoo next month!)  Soon I might even add StumbleUpon to my repertoire!   I’m not spending nearly as much time on them as I used to, but am still interacting with a lot of readers and other bloggers.  It has been pretty wonderful.

3. Attend Haven and BlogHer 2014: I HAVE MY PASSES AND AIRPLANE TICKETS!!

4. Flashback Fridays:  Nailed it!

5. Reply to Comments: I’m getting much better! As of today, I’m only one or two posts behind! That is HUGE for me!

Project goals:
1. Master Bedroom: I’ve pinned some ideas on Pinterest!   Not exactly progress, but at least I’m thinking about it.

2. Sewing Studio:  *crickets*

3. Stairway Makeover: I think I am going to tackle this project next month for the One Room Challenge on Calling it Home.  Since I did it last year and knocked out the baby’s nursery in under 6 weeks, I think the staircase should be no problem.. even with a toddler underfoot.

4. Girls Bedroom: That place is just too darn messy to even think about tackling.

5. Update all the door hardware: I have been sleeping on this, and I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy all new door hardware.  Originally I was going to spray paint it all (again) but I decided I want lever handles instead.  No more knobs.  Go big or go home!! These are the ones I’m eyeballing (Commonweath by Kwikset).. but I need to shop around a little. I also am not 100% set on black vs. bronze.  
Kwickset lever door handle

Okay.. so I'm not doing super great on the "project goals" front.. but what can I say?  I keep getting distracted!!  And since it is the last Friday in March I thought I would do a quick roundup of all my latest (and greatest) projects for the last few months (basically what I have been doing in lieu of a complete master bedroom makeover):

DIY and Home Improvement Projects:




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