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Children's Artwork Gallery Wall (Updated): Flashback Friday

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It is Friday again, which means time to look back at a project from the past.   Today I am featuring my Kids' Artwork Gallery Wall, which orignally was installed in the playroom back in August of 2012.

Here is what it looked like back then:

There are a million ways to layout gallery walls. I use a pretty lazy technique of sketching out the gallery outline with chalk:

 and then laying it out on the floor and installing by eye.

It has always worked great for me:

And I love how flexible it is.. since nothing lasts forever!

With the addition of baby J I have been taking a lot of teasing from friends and family because I hadn't added his initial to my kids' artwork gallery wall (See how there is only one E and one J? Now I need one more "little J")

Well as fate would have it, I found this 'j' at the thrift store for $1.99.  It was really ugly and was slightly warped, but i knew I could give it some TLC and fix it up.

I taped off the area between the j and the dot, and I sprayed it black to go with my other letters.

Of course, because it was a "J" I had to get help from the bigger J-child with the spray painting.

I then painted the space between the j and the dot with the wall color it was going to be up against.  

I took down a large section of the wall and re-laid the frames out on the floor to accommodate my new little "j." The nice part was that I was able to leave most of the wall the way it was. I had a lot of flexibility since my only goal was to stay within the original chalk line.

 Here is what it looks like today:  

I actually added a couple new frames along with the new 'j' even though the total area is still the same, they are just packed in tighter.

So now I have thee initials and a little more recent artwork... Finally.
And if you are looking for your own Giant Letters check out Oddity Inc. They have a large assortment capital and lower case letters, symbols and other shapes.  (Aren't ampersands all the rage these days?!)

Have a great weekend!  See ya' in March!

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