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Valentine's Day Mantle 2014

Well.. it is that time again.  MANTLE TIME!  I have had a couple people ask me on Facebook if I go crazy and change the decorations in my whole house every time I change my mantle.

The answer is a resounding NO!

For bigger holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) I do more decorating, but for the smaller holidays (Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Fourth of July) I only do a mantle and maybe a front door wreath.

This year, for Valentine's Day, I was inspired by Cristina's wonderful 2013 mantle (although this year's mantle is pretty kick butt too!) 
(This image isn't Pinnable.. please Pin from original source linked above)
I loved the simple bright red and bright white.  So I came up with my own red and white version:

My favorite part of the whole thing are these little 'milk bottles':
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I spend at least a few minutes of every day at my local Starbucks.  I am a coffee junkie.  And to supplement my love of all things mocha, I drink these bottled frappucinos that I get from Costco. 

They are so cute that I decided to fix them up by adding foam letters to them:

And spray painting them ballet slipper pink (by Krylon.)  Here they are when they were still drying (which is why they are sitting on post it notes): 

The other project I incorporated was some paint chip art (re-using my paint chip heart garland) in some thrift store frames.

I picked up these two of these (admittedly) FUGLY frames at Savers, and I snapped them up because:
1. They were brand new.
2. They were a matched set.
3. They were only $2.  I figured I could just use the glass for something even if the frames themselves were useless. However, for this project I only used the frames and saved the glass for something else.

In order to make them more appropriate for the mantle, I painted them cherry red:

The garlands are just taped on with scotch tape:

Here you can see how I used them in the vignette:  

I normally try to make my mantles symmetric, but this time I mixed it up a little.  And of course I used my new vellum garland (which I love more and more!)

Do you decorate for all the holidays too or just the big ones?

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