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Rustic Nautical Inspired Mantle

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My 80s tract home has a very different style then my parents' lake house.  Since I frequently share my seasonal mantle designs (which always have a similar look), I thought I would mix it up a bit and share my mom's nautical themed mantle. 

I think it is beautiful in its simplicity and monochromatic color scheme.   Even though I probably couldn't pull off this design aesthetic in my house, I really love it.

The fireplace itself is floor-to-ceiling river rock with a simple cape-cod style mantle.

Because the fireplace itself is so dramatic, the accessories she used are all very neutral, and stay within a theme.   The featured piece is a simple oil painting of sailboats with a rough driftwood frame:

On one end she has a thrift shop model tall ship:

And on the other, a hurricane vase with a candle and shells, along with clear glass sphere that remind me of bubbles:

I love how it all goes together, and is so clean and simple.  A perfect mantle for a house on the water.

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And since I am obsessed with mantles, here are a few examples of my own, not nearly as rustic as this one (Click on the photos for the original posts) :

Easter:                                                 Valentine's Day:

College Football Kickoff:                         St. Patrick's Day:

Fourth of July:

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