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I Survived the 1970's!

This week is my birthday!  Another year in the record books, and boy have I come a long way baby.. You see, I am a child of the 70's and so I survived being raised with the design style that we now call "retro" but should be more accurately described as SCARY! 
Here are a couple photographs of my actual house from when I was a baby.  How you like the "harvest gold" Mustang in the driveway and the "avocado green" house?
(Hey, look! It is Instagram before there was Instagram! Speaking of which, I finally have an account.) 

Here are my mom and dad in 1971.  Yes, that IS an avocado chair with mustard piping!  Oh yes it is.  And that IS shag carpeting and a brass lamp with gigantic drum shade! 

And you can't miss the orange dining room set.   Macrame plant holder?  Flying saucer light fixture? Gigantic floral pattern sofa?  Danish modern coffee table?  70s! 70s! 70s!

Some of the key features of 1970s design and decor include:
 Shag Carpet
Dark Woods
Orange, Mustard, "Harvest Gold" and Avocado
Popcorn Ceilings
Wall Paneling
Large Pattern Wallpaper
Wall to Wall Brick

It also was the time we became aware of issues with lead paint and asbestos

Pretty much everything we strive to get rid of! 

Some other examples of 70's decor :

Ouch! My retinas! My retinas! 
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This is the trifecta of 70s!  Orange, macram√© and shag carpeting!

I am not sure how you could even stand to be in this bathroom:

And this one features some crazy lighting choices! 
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Who could forget the Brady kitchen? That is 1970's style without a doubt:

It has it all.. Orange countertops, avocado appliances, wall to wall brick, lots of dark wood..
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Perhaps if your house is decorated like this, you need to camouflage yourself so nobody can identify you:
But before you think you have seen the end of 70's style, you need to know that it is coming back into vogue.   In fact, if you want to go retro, this wallpaper is available right now, for use in your next home decor project!  Just make sure you also make youself a jumpsuit.. You know, so nobody can see you! 
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