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My Haven-Vacation Boat House Makeover (Sneak Preview)

I am so excited.

In less than 24 hours, the Haven Conference will officially begin.  I am sitting in my hotel room the night before but I am so thrilled with my latest project, I just *HAD* to give you a sneak preview, even though I don't have time to write up a whole post.

Before coming to Atlanta, I stopped at my parent's house and helped them totally makeover their boat house.  (Yes, I do DIY projects as a 'vacation.' What can I say?)

They recently built their dream house on a large plot of lakefront property and needed to update the outdated old boat house/fishing cottage so that they looked like they belonged together.

Here is their new house:
And this was the boat house right next door:
A minty green 1975 cinderblock monstrosity.  Clearly they aren't the same style and don't feel like they belong together.  My parents got a head start demoing the un-permitted, unsafe front porch and back room additions. 

So here is what it looked like when I first arrived last week:

And here it what it looks like TODAY! 

Isn't that fantastic?
Total cost of that makeover?  Under $100!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! 100 BUCKS?!

Paint and some trim boards totally transform the non-descript little boat house so that it matches the real house.   From the water, it no longer likes there are two separate houses on the property.  It is clearly the actual house and it's boat house:
(And just wait until I show you the changes we have in store for the front door!) 

I promise I will share all the nitty gritty details of the big renovation in the next few weeks.. but right now I have to get some sleep, since tomorrow is Haven!
Hands=On at Haven Conference 2013

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  1. Oh, and I love the pic with the trees in full bloom too. It all looks so much better together now. What a major transformation!
    I know what you mean about a "working vacation." When I visit my mom's house, one of our first visits is to Home Depot to purchase caulk, touch up paint and whatever else she needs for me to make some minor repairs around the house. Then we're on to the fabric store, etc.

  2. Beautiful. I know your parents appreciated your help!

  3. Lucky for me, I get work out of them when they visit us, so it all evens out in the end!

  4. I really so happy to see this beautiful scene in this blog or also likes all the pics That you share through this post,This home is also beautiful or also placed in a beautiful city.I will also go at this lovely place in my future..!!!


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