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Master Bathroom Remodel: Plumbing and Faucet Install

I couldn't put it off any longer.. it was time to hook up the bathroom sinks; both the drains and the faucets.  

As I noted earlier, because the sinks were slightly relocated when the new countertops were installed, it turns out I had to replumb the drains.  I wanted to reuse as much of the ABS piping that I could but unfortunately both of the sinks needed the drain pipes to be completely re-angled so I could install the traps (the "U"shape dip under the drain pipe which prevents sewer gas from coming up the drain.)  

It is hard to tell from this photo, but the here the pipe comes straight out from the wall, angles at 45 degrees (to the right) drops down to for the trap, and then angles back to the left and up into the sink drain. 

The other drain previously came out at a 45 degree angle (which I no longer needed it to do) so I had to remove that elbow fitting by cutting the pipe and adding in a straight fitting instead.  The other problem with this second sink is that I accidentally cracked the hot water supply line when removing the previous faucet (Note how the line on the right is not the same as the rest of the supply lines):

And because the supply line and the shut-off valves were all one piece I had to cut the copper supply and install a new shutoff valve as well:

With the drains and supply lines all worked out, it was time to do the "fun" stuff.. Installing the actual faucets.  I chose Danze Eastham center set faucets which matched the other plumbing  (shower and tub) I previously completed.  I wanted to get away from the wide set handles that are in the rest of the house and since I used a center set faucet in the MoneyPit 1.0 guest bath, I decided I would do that again. 

Hey.. it isn't brass.  And THAT is what is really important!

Budget for this part of the remodel: $182.63
Danze Faucets ($80.97/each): $161.94
Water supply line: $4.87
Shut off valve: $7.63
ABS drain adapters ($1.48/each): $2.96
ABS angled junction pipe: $5.23 

Total Renovation To Date: $4148.30

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