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Master Bathroom Week 4: Updating Shower Fixtures

Now that the tile is finally going up it is time to make sure my new fixtures are going to work out. Bye-bye brass and plastic "krystal" knobs.

My original bathroom hardware was all Price Pfister brand, and so to avoid having to change the valve stems I thought I would just use more Pfister fixtures.  Unfortunately I was out of luck.  The valve designs I had were considered "obsolete" so none of the new trim kits I bought for the shower and roman tub would fit. 
Luckily for the shower I was able to find a retrofit kit which changed the shape of the valve body without having to change the actual valve itself.  I was thrilled when I was able to attach the new chrome trim kit to the old valve and it only cost me about $25 for the conversion kit! 
I made sure the new trim kit was able to accommodate the thickness of the tile and luckily it all fit perfectly:
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To deal with the roman tub I took a different approach. There was no conversion kit so I decided to replace the entire set of rough-in valves and go with a different brand entirely.  In this case I settled on Danze fixtures (I will also be using Danze sink faucets) since they looked a lot like the Price Pfister shower kit and they fit my budget.  (Not a lot of companies make roman tub faucets.. whoda' thunk it?) 

I tore off the entire section of green board that was in front of the tub, and I will replace it with cement board.. may as well do it right if I am going to do it.

I had to tear out the old valves and insert new ones.  This was a pain because they use copper connections. 
I won't install the actual faucet until after the tub surround is tiled, but I wanted to make sure all my ducks were in a row before I sealed up the front of the tub, since once I start tiling that area, there isn't any going back.
Phew! Problem solved.  Now just to finish tiling the walls, floor and curb. That is no small feat.

Budget for this part of the remodel: $279.66
Price Pfister Shower Retrofit Kit: $24.18
Price Pfister Shower Trim Kit: $47.51
Danze Roman Tub Rough In Valve Set: $66.97
Danze Roman Tub Trim Kit: $141.00
Renovation total to date: $1016.16 
 (YIKES! I broke the thousand dollar mark already!!) 

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