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A Couple (Life Changing) Announcements

I am super excited to tell you that I am going to post my big master bathroom reveal any day now!  It is actually finished!!! But that isn't my big announcement.  (Although it may actually be life changing since I have been working on that sucker since October! )
I am officially announcing that we will be adding a BABY BOY to the family in late April or early May! 

So, yes.. For those of you doing the math, I have been pregnant the entire time I have been working on my bathroom.   The tiling was slow, not only because it was painstakingly tedious, but also because I was battling bouts of morning sickness though the entire process.  
I am not sure how the new baby will impact my blogging this spring, but I hope to keep up with all my projects.  Hopefully there will even be a new nursery reveal (and a few changes to the Princesses' bedroom) on the horizon. 
My other big announcement is:
My BLOG is getting a name change!!!

Since "The Money Pit" insinuates you can't fix up your house without spending a lot of money (and if you know me you KNOW I don't like to spend money.. ) I have decided to "re-brand" myself.   Since my name is Kim Six, and I am always trying to figure out how to do-it-myself I decided I would title the blog "The Kim Six Fix" I am fixing up my house my way. 
The Kim Six Fix

I like the look of my blog, so I am going to keep it mostly the same..so except for the title and URL, things should look just like they did before.  
This transition should happen over this weekend and I am hoping it goes smoothly.. but if you read though a reader and aren't automatically redirected, please visit and subscribe to: 

I also (eventually) will be changing my Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Hopefully it won't be too confusing!  
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