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Last Minute Easter Roundup

Unlike years past I haven't really jumped into Easter this year.  We did dye eggs and are expecting a visit from the Easter bunny, but I didn't decorate the house.  
Honestly, things have been crazy here and I feel bad that I haven't posted in a while.**   So instead of continuing the blog silence, I thought I would feature some of my favorite previous Easter projects.

These Salted Caramel Birds' Nest Cookies have been a big hit on Pinterest.

And here is last years' Easter Mantle (shhh.. I didn't even do an Easter Mantle this year!)
I love these twine wrapped eggs:

And this super fun and easy Easter spray painted bean vase filler:

Even though I didn't go all out this year, the girls did have a good time using the cheap dollar store dying kit:

The eggs came out pretty cute even if they aren't Pinterest worthy!  

And the most important part is that it still feels a lot like Easter!   I hope you have a wonderful one!



It has been a while since I have had a new post.  But life has thrown me for a loop.  Really, this pregnancy has thrown me.  For some reason, my third pregnancy has been filled with time-sucking, irritating, frustrating, disgusting and bizarre complications that I have never experienced with my first two.  
I have spent more time in doctor's offices in the past month, then the last few years combined.  

Combine that with spring break, and the fact I want to spend as much time with my girls before they are bombarded with an attention-grabbing newborn means I have stepped away from the DIY projects, and my blog, for the time being.  

We expect this new baby to arrive by the end of this month (OH MY GOSH!) and it is just sinking in.   I hope my regular readers will bear with me, and any newbies to TheKimSixFix will understand this isn't my typical pattern.  

The blog is still alive.. it is just on a temporary per-maternity break!

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