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My Christmas Front Porch and Exterior

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I am finally getting around to posting pictures of my holiday decorating this year.  First up: The Exterior.

On the front of the house, by the garage doors I hung a live wreath with a couple of ice skates I picked up at the goodwill for $5. I originally added a few more things to the wreath but decided it looked nicest with a single bow, which made the focal point the skates:

On black friday I lucked out and got a $5 live garland at  Home Depot.  I added some ribbon bows I had in my christmas stash, along with some unbreakable ornaments I picked up at the dollar store.

 Because there was a little open space to the right of the door, I decided to add some fake packages, wrapped in waterproof foil (from the dollar store):

Now if the kids would just stop asking what was inside! 
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