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Pie Plate and Pizza Pan Snowman

Dollar store snowman

I am pretty excited to announce that I have joined a BRAND NEW bi-monthly challenge hosted by Gail of MyRepurosedLife.  This one is focused around dollar store DIYs!

The beauty of challenges (vs. just doing projects around the house that I need or want to do) is that they tend to push me much further and make me even more creative.   I definitely feel that this project is an example. 
Painted cake pan snowman wreath
I repurposed these baking pans into holiday decor I never would have come up with otherwise! 
It is adorable on my front door:
Pie and pizza pans turned snowman

Here is how it went together in practically no time:
The supplies are pretty easy to find at Dollar Tree:
Pie Plate
Pizza Pan 
Cake Pan
Kid's winter hat
Spray Paint
Fabric Snamawatch for scarf
Hot Glue and Glue Gun
vinyl for face (or you could draw it on with a Sharpie)

First I spray painted the back of all the pans.  You will want to rough up the surface with sand paper to get the paint to stick.
Spray painting pizza pans
Next I added the face and buttons. I cut mine out on my Cricut but you could draw on a face with sharpie.
Adding vinyl letters to pie pan snowman
I glued the pans together where they overlapped.
Gluing pie pans together to make snowman
I used an outgrown hat for the head, but you can find inexpensive winter hats at dollar tree for only$1!
Adding hat to pie pan snowman
I hung it on the front door with double stick tape. It isn't very heavy but it is quite delicate.
Painted pie pan snowman
You could also just prop it up, or even add it to a stake to be used in your front yard.
Painted pie pan snowman
It's beginning to look a lot like christmas!!

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A simple snowman made of pie plates, cake pans and pizza pans.  So quick and easy. Perfect on the front door!

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  1. Ohhh Kim! Your snowman just makes me smile! That face is adorable, gotta love VINYL!!! (from a gal who can't paint a lick)
    Thanks so much for participating in the first ever #DollarStoreDesignSquad challenge!

  2. Love it, and since I'm not so good at baking...I could use those pie tins stashed under my cabinet!


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