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Master Bathroom Week 7: Tub Surrond Tiling

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Ours was pretty low key, but I enjoyed trying a few Pinterest recipes off my 'food' board and I'll share some of the highlights with you shortly.  

I also made a decent amount of progress on the bathroom tiling.  I had the glass company come out and measure for my frameless door (you can have them measure as soon as the tile is set, you don't need to have grouted or sealed it.)  I did take quite a few days off from working on the remodel since I was pretty busy with the holidays and I was burning out.  To say 'I am sick of tiling' is an understatement. 

I also finally finished up the bathtub surround.  Again I continued with the same tumbled travertine from the shower, with an accent stripe of pencil tile. 

I had to set the accent stripe pretty low in order to allow it to continue around the knee wall, but I don't mind how it came out:

You can see I still have to put a new front on the roman tub as well as tile the wall next to the vanity. I am holding off on that final tiling because I am getting new countertops and I will need to cut the tile out around them.

It is looking pretty good.  My vision is coming together.  I now need to consider what I want for a new wall color, but I need to also consider the new vanity and countertop colors.. decisions decisions. 

I didn't spend any additional money on this part of the project.
Renovation total to date: $1142.88

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