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Water Closet Makeover

Water Closet with Dark Accent Wall Before and After
Thanks to Dunn Edwards for sponsoring this post
A few years ago, you may remember my master bathroom was completely made over.  I pulled out the horrific 'faux marble' and put in tumbled travertine and glass pencil tile.

I also replaced all the mirrors and replaced the counters, painted the vanity and added new cabinetry. 
But the one part of the bathroom that was untouched..  the water closet (which housed the toilet). It was a funny little room with an angled door.   I never really mentioned it in that series of posts, since it was sort of it's own room, and keeping it all builder white seemed good enough.
Water closet with angled entry door
But now that is has been two years, I thought maybe it was about time to get that little room to match it's big brother.. and so it was WATER CLOSET MAKEOVER TIME and Dunn Edwards was going to help!

I needed it to match the rest of the room, but I just didn’t want to paint it the same solid wall color, I wanted it to be more interesting.  So I used the glass pencil tile as my inspiration palette.
Dunn Edwards Painting Supplies
I created this short two minute movie of the entire makeover, including my trip to the Dunn Edwards color advisor.  You can also find more specifics below.

I took my tile samples and headed into my local Dunn Edwards and talked over my color choices with a color consultant.
Dunn Edwards Paint Color Selection
They had plenty to choose from, and the paint itself that I choose (from the EVEREST line) was amazing.  Zero VOC, great coverage, self-priming, barely an odor.   It was fabulous professional grade paint! 
Paint Store Shelves
They also had everything else I needed for a paint project.  Dunn Edwards Painters Tape Orange
I mean.. EVERYTHING!  Since they are a speciality paint store, they have a much better selection than the big box stores. Painting Supplies
I ended up settling on the colors Floating Feather (which was two shades lighter than the bathroom wall color) and Cocoa which was a dark brown with the same tones as the pencil tile.
Matching paint color to pencil tile
The room was a completely blank canvas, but not really functional since it lacked storage and because we were using the back of the toilet to hold stuff, it was difficult to get to the buttons of our dual flush toilet. .Water Closet Before makeover
To update the room I first taped off the walls, and protected the toilet with a drop cloth.
Paint Prep in Water Closet
The side walls were much warmer and richer with the new color,  I only needed one coat since the coverage with the EVEREST was so great.Dunn Edwards Floating Feather Wall Color
And now you eye is anchored with dark accent wall behind the toilet.  I installed some floating shelves (I’ll share the plans for those soon!) and now there is no more clutter on the toilet.
Water Closet with Brown Accent Wall
Not bad for a weekend!


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