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Undersink Cabinet Organizer with Pull Out Baskets

Undersink cabinet organized with dollar store baskets
A ton of fantastic DIY organizing projects that you can build yourself.

Once again it is time to head out to the workshop and get my hands dirty with some POWER TOOLS!  Yay!   The theme this month is ORGANIZING!

My contribution is this undercabinet organizer with pull out baskets.
From a single sheet of plywood  and some dollar store bins she built this fabulous organizer. What a great way to use all that awkward space under the sink!   Undersink Cabinet Organizer with Pull Out Baskets.   via TheKimSixFix.com
Since we are talking about organizing, I have to come clean and admit that nothing in my house is less organized than the cabinets under my bathroom sink.  They are just such a pain to deal with since the drain pipe hangs down and there isn’t a lot of good usable space.  I just tend to just pile stuff up.
Messy under sink cabinet before
So I decided I was going to change that. My goal was to build a vertical organization system that was easy to use.  This is what I came up with:
Diy undersink organizer
The final project required nothing more than a half sheet of plywood and some baskets I picked up at the dollar store.  The baskets form little “drawers” which slide in and out:
Pull out drawers from dollar store baskets

Undersink organizer with baskets

½ inch plywood (1/2 sheet)
5/16 Straight Router Bit
200 grit sandpaper
4-6 plastic baskets (with lip)
Circular Saw (or Table Saw)
Bar Clamps
Behr Pure Premium Plus Ultra
Paintbrush and/or roller
Drill and 1 inch self tapping wood screws

I started with plywood that was twice as wide as the baskets were deep.  So if your baskets are 12 inches long, you need the plywood to be AT LEAST 24 inches wide.  The length of the board should be the height of your cabinet times two. This is because you are going to split them in half in both directions to create two sets of "drawers"

Mark the height of the baskets plus 1 inch along the length of the plywood.
Router with square bit for plywood
Using a guide and a router, rout out notches along the marked lines.  This is the slot that the baskets will fit into.
Square router groove in plywoodThis is what my final plywood looked like. Routered notches for slide out shelvesUsing a circular or table saw I cut the board in half widthwise and then cut those two pieces in half length wise. Cutting down plywood for shelf organizerThis created four sets of draw slides that match exactly. Plywood rack for dollar store baskets
Next I added a top and bottom to the slides creating a box.  Make sure you cut the top and bottom slightly larger than the basket width so it can pull out easily (But not too wide so the baskets fall out.)
Dollar store basket slide out holder
I wanted my organizer to also have an area to store stuff under the drainpipe so I created another box taking into account the width of my cabinet.
Assembling undercabinet organizer
This is what my final organizer looked like. I didn't attach the pieces together because I needed to maneuver them into place in the cabinet.
Plywood cabinet organizerI painted the build with the color of the cabinet doors, just to make it prettier.  And then I installed it under the cabinet. Painting plywood cabinet organizer

I was able to sort everything and give it an assigned space, and getting to and from everything is a piece of cake.
Under sink cabinet before and after organization
I love how much more organized everything is.. what a great use of vertical space!

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