The Kim Six Fix: How NOT to Install Undercabinet Lighting

How NOT to Install Undercabinet Lighting

I'm taking a break from the master bathroom renovation to share a little project I attempted that could only be classified as a total FAIL.  If any DIY'r tells you they have never had a disaster project they are lying.  This is just one of many I have had, and I thought I would share it with you since I don't want anyone to think that everything always goes smoothly.

The last project I had lined up for my kitchen makeover was to install undercabinet lighting.  I really wanted to do this because I wanted to accent the pencil tile backsplash I did all that work installing.

This is how the backslash looks with just the overhead lighting from the recessed LED and pendant fixtures I installed:

It wasn't horrible, but a little task lighting would be nice.  When I ran across these guys at Costco for only 29$ I thought I had found answer.  No wiring, and they were motion activated.  Perfect:

Unfortunately when I installed them I HATED how they looked.  The light was really blue and made the cabinets look yellow and the backsplash look a sickly shade of green:

The other problem was the motion sensor was USELESS.  You could jump up and down in front of the cabinets and they wouldn't go off, but if the cat rolled over from the other side of the room, and they would light up out of the blue.  I could turn them off and on with the little switch on each unit, but to light up my whole countertop that would require hitting 8-10 little switches.  Not exactly practical.
Thank goodness Costco has a great return policy because I took them down and took them back.  I decided to go with my original plan to use Kelly's (from View Along the Way) LED reel lights.  I have ordered all the supplies and will be installing them soon, using the extra outlet above my microwave.

Live and learn!  Hopefully the next attempt will be much smoother!
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