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Welcome to The Kim Six Fix: How it began

This blog is where I have been sharing my adventures in home improvement.

When I began blogging back on Christmas Eve of 2009 we were already planning on moving out of the home we loved in North Carolina and into THE MONEY PIT:  A 2300 sq. foot condo.  It was the top 2 stories of a 3 story 1905 Victorian house in Boston.

At that time we really didn't know that it had lots and lots of problems.  "LOTS" is an understatement.  It was one of the biggest mistakes we ever made.

This blog was originally going to be my record of that move and the subsequent remodeling of that horrific house.   At that time I was also adjusting to giving up my job and being a full time stay at home mom.  Life was in transition.

Little did I know that less than a year later we would be selling the Money Pit 1.0, moving to a suburb of San Francisco and buying another house.

Not exactly another true Money Pit, but a 1988 condo in need of a little de-brassifying and oak removal.  I am doing it myself using a technique I am calling "The Kim Six Fix" since I am doing it my way and usually on a shoestring budget.

So this blog has evolved.   I am continuing to write about life in the Money Pit 2.0, my new found addiction to Pinterest and the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

I am sure it will continue to evolve as I grow as a blogger, a mother and a DIY'r.

Welcome to my Money Pit which is currently undergoing the Kim Six fix .  Feel free to make yourself at home and do the dishes!

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  1. I predict this will one day produce a book!!

  2. Aloha! Just found your blog and am enjoying your writing and all that you have done and planned for your home. Looking forward to following you! In a non stalker like way...lol

  3. Have you seen the movie The Money Pit with Tom Hanks? I bet you would be able to relate. ;)

  4. I just found your blog. I loved your kitchen remodel and I can't wait to get to explore more of your blog. I also have a blog, but I am a bit of a newbie. My husband and I will be buying and refurbishing a home of our own in about 8 months. I hope to be able to pull some inspiration from your site.


  5. I swear that I have almost the same exact kitchen you had and I love what you did with yours. I even called my husband over to the computer and made him look at the "great" transformation and what is "possible". thank you again for sharing. :)

  6. can I send you a picture of my old cabinets, to get advise on
    painting them. They they are a darker oak stain with two top to bottom
    grooves and three round (decorative ha ha) plugs/t on top and bottom.

    thanks Dean
    Please respond here or email me



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