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Shut Your Piehole Cross Stitch Pattern

Shut your pie hole cross stitch patternShut your piehole pie cross stitch
I recently found this little cross stitch pattern at the craft store and I immediately knew I could “snarkify” it.  I mean, as much as I love the sweetie pie sentiment, it was a little too cutesy for me.

Sweetie Pie Cross Stitch
So, using the method I’ve talked about before, I re-charted the entire thing to make it more sassy.  What better to team up with pie than “Shut Your Piehole!”
Shut your piehole cross stitch pattern in progress
If you are interested in this pattern, I have designed my own version which I have made available in my store as either the pattern (available for immediate download)

And of course.. if you want it REALLY easy, I also have the full kit available which includes not only the Aida and embroidery floss, but even the hoop and the embroidery needle

This is a pretty easy project since it features only full cross stitches and a little backstitching. No half or quarter stitches, there are only 5 colors of embroidery floss and the entire finished piece is only about 5x5.
A great way to spend an afternoon, getting your frustrations out!
Shut your piehole! Snarky Cross Stitch. A funny and sarcastic cross stitch pattern, perfect for Snarky Crafters and anyone who justs wants the people around them to SHUT UP!   Features a fresh baked pie.. still steaming from the oven.

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