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Scroll Saw Book Letters

Book Letters on a Scroll SawScroll Saw Book Art
I LOVED the theme of this month’s Power Tool Challenge: Your favorite power tool.   That was a no brainer for me.. since my favorite would be the one I”ve been using a lot lately.  My scroll saw!

Plus it is unusual to have a power tool challenge project that doesn’t involve ANY lumber.. but this month, my only materials were old thrift store books!  Yes books!
Thrift store hardcover books
These were $1/each at the thrift store, and using NOTHING more than my scroll saw, I ended up with some super cute book art that looked perfect on my office shelves:

Book case with Oversized Book lettersYep, you can cut up books with a scroll saw, and no the pages aren’t glued together in any way. Letter K cut from bookAnd it doesn’t have to just be a single letter, I tried a bunch of different things, and I love them all!
Words Cut from hardcover books
Heart cut out of book pages
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Scroll Saw Book Art Tutorial

Scroll Saw Book Letters
Making these letters is really straight forward.  Cut out a template, tape it to your book, and cut on the lines.
How to cut a book into words
The interior openings are slightly trickier since you have to pretrial a hole, feed in the blade and cut, but it isn’t any different than how you would cut an interior opening into wood.
Scroll Saw Book Letter Art
The process does create a lot of dust, and tiny pieces of paper, so make sure you wear proper respiratory protection.
Letters cut out of hardcover book
I shot this simple video tutorial showing you exactly how I cut out the letters, so you can see the entire process. If your blades are sharp and your template is clear, it goes really quick!

Bookcase with Book art

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