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Easy DIY Milkglass

Faux milk glass DIY from Thrift store Easy DIY Painted MilkGlass
I always loved the look of milk glass.   Country living recently had an article about it and I fell in love with these vases:
Milk glass 1 COuntry living
image: Brian Woodcock for Country Living
They are so pretty all clustered together in a group, with all the gorgeous textures.   It is so clean and pretty, but the real stuff can be pricey unless you get really lucky and stumble upon it at a yard sale or thrift store.  Lately it has been near impossible to find authentic and inexpensive milk glass at thrift stores.

But you know what there ISN’T a shortage of at thrift stores?  Inexpensive clear glass vases.  They are PLENTIFUL and they are CHEAP.  
Thrift store glass vases
 Can’t find vases at your thrift store?  You can get them for $1/each at Dollar Tree,  floral supply stores or Hobby Lobby
So how can you turn those into milk glass?  
Faux DIY Milkglass
 Easy! The answer is simple white spray paint! 
Half painted glass vase
A few thin coats and you have a totally different look! Spray painting clear glass vasesAnd the best part is, because the paint is on the outside, you can still use the vase without any worry of the paint washing off.   Spray painted glass to make milkglass
Of course, you don’t have to go all white, you also can make your own Jadite and other colored milk glass versions, you just need pastel spray paint!  
Real Jadite and milkglass: Cha-ching!
(image courtesy of jaditekate)
Here is a 50 cent vase I found at the Goodwill:
For that vase I used avocado spray paint. I am not sure why I had avacado spraypaint already, but I knew it would be perfect for this.
Here is an example of the final look:
They are adorable all mixed together on a shelf:  

Faux milk glass DIY from Thrift store

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