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Wreath Styling 101

Wreath Styling 101
The traditional evergreen wreath is a universal symbol of the holidays. It is a blank canvas for any decorating style, and with the addition of ribbon and a few floral picks, you can transform it into an endless number of styles and aesthetics.

Today I’m going to share a few simple decorating strategies, as well as give you some examples of how those designs can result in four dramatically different finished wreaths.   Keep in mind that any design could be used with any aesthetic, these are just examples.

The example I am using is a 28 inch pre-lit artificial wreath, but the tips and suggestions included below could be applied to any size wreath, real or artificial.
plain unstyled wreath

Style 1:  Even All Over Placement

Simple Wreath Styling 0
Tips for Styling: 
-Spreading the ornaments over the entire surface of the wreath results in an even and non-distracting appearance.
-Making sure any repeated motifs (stars, snowflakes, balls) are spread out evenly means that none become the focal point and keeps the eye moving
-A large bow placed directly at the bottom of the circle accentuates the wreath’s symmetry although with this design the bow could be placed anywhere around the wreath.
silver picks on wreath

Example 1: Monochromatic:

This type of styling lends itself to almost any aesthetic, since the color you choose can be matched to any décor.  By focusing on a single color (in this case silver-white) you can choose any type or theme of ornament to get the look.  By spreading the ornaments evenly over the entire area of the wreath, you focus more on the color of the decorations instead of what the decorations actually are.
silver simple wreath
This design uses various floral picks, ornaments and a single ribbon, all matched by color.
Silver Flroal Picks for Wreath

Style 2: Repeating Groups or Alternating Groups

Simple Wreath Styling 1
Simple wreath styling 2
Tips for Styling: 
-Group ornaments into bundles for more visual impact.
-Add small accents to the open space to keep the eye moving around wreath
-A large bow can be placed anywhere on the wreath.  Putting it off center ads more interest
bow and christmas balls on wreath

Example 2: Traditional:

Embracing the traditional red and green color palette of Christmas, this wreath offers a lot of visual impact from both far away and close up. This is the perfect style for a front door or large room, where people will be viewing it from a distance.
Traditional red and green wreath
The design features a large embroidered bow, some inexpensive plastic ornaments and small glittered floral picks.
traditional wreath styling

Style 3:  Alternating Groups and Ribbon

Simple wreath styling 3
Tips for Styling: 
-Alternating burlap ribbon with pine cones and berries in a regular pattern, emphasizes the simple symmetry of this design. This is a slight modification from alternating between groups of picks or ornaments.
-Clustering the pinecones the way they would grow naturally makes them easier to see since they have very little contrast against the greens
-Layering the red plaid flannel ribbon on top of the plain burlap adds interest and mimics the red of the berries
Burlap and Pinecones on Wreath

Example 3: Rustic:

Taking a design cue from nature, this rustic design features muted earth tones and a much less polished design.  This wreath is beautiful in its simplicity.
Woodland Rustic Christmas Wreath
This design features real pine cones, a burlap and plaid layered bow along with some realistic red berry picks.
Pine Cones and Berries for Wreath

Style 4: Off center focal point

Wreath styling off center
Tips for Styling: 
-Keeping the ornaments all on one side, emphasizes the theme and allows viewers to quickly take in and understand the theme
-Matching the bow material (candy cane stripes) reiterates the theme and unifies the design
-Balance out the heaviness of the offset design with a simple wrap of ribbon along the rest of the wreath  (or by using ornament/floral pick bundle repeats)
Candy picks for wreath

Example 4: Whimsical:

This style is much less traditional that the previous versions.  Focusing on a fun theme (in this case “sweets”) tells a story instead of being purely decorative.  Wreaths with very specific theme choices are best viewed from up close (featured on inside walls and mantels) so that viewers can make out the individual items in the design.
Candy Christmas Wreath
This design features faux glittered candy and a large candy cane colored ribbon and bow.
Candy Wreath
No matter what your design aesthetic, wreaths offer the opportunity to convey your personality and style.  Following a few simple guidelines you can create beautiful and original designs that will fit perfectly into any holiday décor.
Everything you need to know about wreath styling

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