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Black and Gold Thrift Store Chair Makeover

Black and gold thrift store chair makeover
I’ve been hanging out at the thrift store again, and so today’s project is another inexpensive furniture makeover.  This time, was this reddish desk chair with a nasty microfiber seat.  It isn’t an old piece, in fact, it probably came from a big box store, but it was solid wood and I liked the lines.  Especially the cutout in the back.Thrift store desk chair before makeoverPlus, you couldn’t beat the three dollar price tag! 3 dollar thrift store chair makeoverIt was an ugly fake reddish color and the seat was a MESS!  But i knew it could be easily salvaged!Dirty uphsoltered chair seat
First thing I did was remove the seat and reupholster it with some french script fabric I got from Online Fabric Store.   If you look at the full print repeat  on the actual fabric, you can see there are some more colorful areas on the print, but I avoided them so I could have the black and white look.

I used my T50 elite Staple gun to do the upholstery work and it worked great.
Using staple gun to reupholster chair
This is what the seat looked like finished, but I still didn’t like the red wood color.
French script fabric for chair seatSo I sanded the entire chair body down with my palm and random orbit sanders.Sanding desk chair for makeoverThen I wiped them down to degrease them with Lysol wipes (my secret painting weapon)!Degreasing sanded desk chairI decided to prime the chair.. I probably didn’t have to, since i was painting it black, but I did because the finish was so uneven after sanding.  I used Kilz Oil Based Primer (only because it was the only primer I had on hand that was tinted) I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d use regular old Kilz Max latex. Priming desk chair for repainting
I painted the entire chair black and then I used a small paint brush with Modern Masters Metallic Gold to do the horizontal edges of the chair back. I wanted to bring out the shape of the little “heart” and circle cut outs. Modern Masters Gold Metallic painted chair
It came out really cool, since when you look at the chair straight on, it doesn’t show.. but when you catch the light at an angle.. it shimmers! Gold metallic accents on black painted chair
The final chair looks so much better!  Less like a big box office chair and more like a vintage piece of furniture.
Repainted desk chair with gold and blackPlus the unexpected bling gives it way more personality than a simple black chair!Black desk chair with gold accentsNot bad for a three dollar investment! Reupholstering desk chair seat
And if you love gold metallic, don’t forget I used this same Gold Metallic and Black color combination on my spool organizer and I love how it looks there as well:

And in my mom’s laundry room we went crazy with the metallics!

I’m going to need an intervention!

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