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Easy No Sew Knit Sweater Pumpkins

Three little white sweater pumpkinsEasy No Sew Pumpkins from Old Sweater SleevesThis is a project I’ve seen all over Pinterest and I finally had to throw my hat in the ring and try making my own.  I have actually been holding on to the top half of this sweater for almost a year now.
I used the bottom half to make this pillow but I knew I could do something fun with the sleeves. And that is exactly what I did.
Three little white sweater pumpkins
My first fall project of 2016!
White sweater pumpkinsThe actual process was really easy. I made all three pumpkins in less than 40 minutes.
Sweater pumpkins with twine vine
Supply List:
Jute Twine
Dowel or wine cork
Polyester fill 
Fabric Stiffener
Hot glue gun
Upcycling old sweater into fall pumpkinFirst turn the sweater sleeve INSIDE OUT and then tie off one end with the jute twine.
Turn the sleeve RIGHT SIDE OUT and begin stuffing it with polyester batting.  Once you have it to the size shape you like, cut the sleeve leaving about 1/2 inch on each side of the cut. Add a little hot glue to the cut edge and press them together closing the hole.  This will become the bottom of the pumpkin.How to make a new sew pumpkinNow you have to make the stem.  I cut a 1/2 inch dowel into short segments. Wooden dowel as pumpkin stemThen I added a layer of hot glue and wrapped the jute twine around and around until the surface was covered. Wrapping dowel with twineI attached them to the top of our pumpkins using hot glue. White knit sweater pumpkinsNow I wanted a little curly pumpkin vine so I used fabric stiffener on the jute twine. Fabric stiffener on twineI wrapped the damp twine around a pencil and allowed it to dry. Curling twine with fabric stiffenerWhen it was finally done, I removed it from the pencil and glue the ringlets onto my stem.Wooden and twine stem on cloth pumpkinNot a bad version.
Knit no sew pumpkins
White sweater pumpkins

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