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Upcycled Mason Jar Terrarium

I am so happy to be here today showing you this easy upcycle Mason Jar Terrarium!

My name is Deborah, and I blog with my husband at Salvage Sister & Mister. Our mission is to assist you in salvaging your time, money, resources, and moments for your best life. One of the BIG ways we do that is upcycle projects, but we also cover family, food, and life. We love making the best with what we already have.

But I promised you a project, so on with the show.....
Turn a mason jar into this adorable succulent terrarium

Who doesn't love mason jars, right? You can also find them just about everywhere....even your spaghetti jar. I had some succulents left over from a wedding I attended and thought a mason jar terrarium would be just the ticket to put some of these items into use. 
Do you have an extra mason jar lying around? Here is an easy DIY project to upcycle it. This mason jar terrarium is a great home decor item or use it as a gift. They require little care and are cheap to make.


Affiliate links used so you can find any products you might need for this project. Click on the link to see the exact or similar product to what we used.
Step 1 Make sure the jar is clean and all labels have been removed.
Step 2 Fill the bottom with small rocks. You can use ones from your yard or purchase them. The cleaner they are the prettier it will look.
Step 3 Add a layer of moss.
Step 4 The next layer is potting soil.
Step 5 Finally add the succulents. If you want to cheat, you can use plastic ones (I won't tell). Tie a string on the outside and you are good to go. The best thing about a terrarium, and succulents in general, is they require little care. Place in a bright area and water as directed per type of succulent you get (plastic variety need none....just saying). In general, they should need little supervision. Now you had a chance to upcycle a jar, string, and maybe even some rocks. Use this for home d├ęcor, centerpiece, or even a party favor. Wouldn't a small one be a great little gift? Make sure to pin it for later....
A mason jar terrarium is not only an inexpensive home decor item but it's also a great way to upcycle common items lying around. This DIY project is super simple to make and easy to care for. These also make great party or hostess gifts. 
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A big thanks to Kim for allowing me to share this project.....AND I appreciate all of you for hanging out with me today!

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