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Finding Dory Hank the Octopus Stenciled Sign

Finding Dory Hank the Octopus Sign.

Earlier this week, I was invited to a pre-screening of Pixar's much awaited sequel to the animated classic Finding Nemo, Finding Dory.  I took my newly minted 7 year old with me since it was her birthday.

The movie was adorable. Since it has been 13 years since the original Nemo was released, there was a touch of nostalgia watching this new story.  All of our favorite characters were back, along with some amazing new ones.
Hands down, the newest Pixar character that steals the show, and is definitely on my short list of favorite grouchy animals, is Hank the Septopus.  Hank, an octopus who lost one of his legs (thus the septopus monniker), is a solitary introvert who just wants to be left alone. He is on a quest to make his way to a midwest aquarium instead of being released back to the ocean. This quest brings him face to face with Dory where we learn he has a big heart.. or three of them actually.

There were definitely a lot LESS intense scenes in this new movie, compared to the first (no sharks or scary chases or anything that may be a trigger), and I can't think of a child (or adult) who wouldn't love it.   There were a few scenes where I did tear up, and once again, Disney dances around parental death in the way only Disney can.  The messages of believing in yourself, standing up for the people you love and being brave run throughout the film, and would make a great discussion topic with kids.

The film debuts in theaters on Friday (June 17th) and I suggest you see it in theaters if you can, and preferably in 3D if you enjoy films that way.   As we have come to expect from Pixar, the animation is AMAZING, and the short that runs before the feature (Piper) took my breath away.

Also, make sure you stay until the END of the credit roll.  A few characters make a cameo worth staying for.  Overall I'd give Finding Nemo a strong 4.5 out of 5.

Hank the Octopus Stenciled Sign

And now, to celebrate my new found love for Hank, I created a Silhouette stencil file featuring the little guy and an ode to his three hearts.   I used it to create this driftwood sign for the baby's nautical room.
Octopus stenciled sign nautical
Josh is already calling it his "op-toe-pus" which is pretty darn adorable.
I love you bottom of my three octopus hearts
I created it the same way I did for my California Republic State flag sign.  I found some scrap boards in my garage, sanding them smooth and stained them.   (I LOVE my Dewalt random orbit sander for this because it takes the marks and dings out and leaves a nice stainable finish)
Sanding scrap boards for sign
I settled on Classic Gray wood finish from Minwax because I already had it, and it looked drifty-woody.  I also wanted it a little darker than the driftwood finish I used on my christmas tree stand.
Staining boards Minwax gray
The backside of the sign is just held together by more scraps.  You could also use some Strong Tie straps instead (so the finished sign wouldn't be so thick) but I didn't want to buy anything for this project.
Scrap wood sign
Next I created the file on my Cameo Software.
Finding Dory Silhouette File
I am making this cut file available for download (FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!) I also have a PDF version if you just want to use it as a printable or upload it to a different brand of cutting software.

I cut my stencil out of removable vinyl (the best deal to get vinyl is Expressions, especially if you doing a lot of projects like this which use large pieces)
Vinyl stencil weeding tools
I also love these pick and probe sets for weeding.  They are perfect for the small pieces. much nicer than the Silhouette hook.
Transferring vinyl stencil
Next I applied my transfer paper (I used clear contact paper) and added the stencil to the sign.  You can see I decided I wanted the words "I Love You" to be a little higher so I cut the stencil apart with the transfer paper already attached. Worked great.

Finding dory stencil on silhouette
I did have a few ripples in my contact paper since the boards weren't totally flat.  As long as I pressed them down right before stenciling I don't have a paint seepage problem.

For the paint I used Martha Stewart's "Popcorn" (since it was leftover from my laundry room cabinet makeover.) That paint line is no longer available.
Painting vinyl stencil sign
After the paint was slightly tacky (but not completely dried) I removed the stencil with the weeding pick.
Weeding vinyl stencil
The  final sign is adorable.  I considered distressing it, but decided against it. I liked the look already.
Finding Dory Octopus Hank Sign
And it goes great in the Nursery along with my foam core anchor a his model ships.
Hand the septopus three hearts
Now I can't wait to take him to the Finding Dory to show him exactly who inspired his OpToePus.
Nautical Finding Nemo Sign

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