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20 Creatures You Can Craft from K-Cups

A great way to upcycle old KCups.  20 Unique Ideas for creatures you can craft out of coffee pods.  Great for kids!

Anyone who has read this blog for more than 5 minutes (or who follows me pretty much anywhere on social media) knows how much I LOVE my coffee.  More specifically, they know how much I love my Keurig.. but that also means they know how guilty I feel about the waste those little K-Cups create.   In fact, I just recently shared an article about how some countries are BANNING K-Cups until they can be made recyclable.

I've always tried to focus on projects that upcycle or repurpose my KCups, and it appears I'm not the only one.  I found TWENTY projects where someone used KCups to create crafty critters and I'm sharing them with you.

From snakes and snowmen, to whales and robots.. these creative ideas are a fun way to reuse those unrecyclable plastic cups and would be great craft ideas for kids.


20 Crafty Things You Can Make Out of KCups:

KCup Snowmen 2

KCup Sheep

KCup Penguins

Gnomes from KCups

Snowman from KCups

KCup Animals
NewImageKcup crafts

Jack o Lantern KCups
KCup Whale

KCup Easter Bunnies

KCup Snake

KCup Penguin

Frankenstein upcycled Kcups

KCup Robot

KCup Turkeys
KCup Reindeer

Honorable mention (since these are nespresso pods):
Nespresso Angel
If you have any KCups left over after crafting those, here are a few other KCup Projects you may want to try:

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