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Easy DIY Wooden Desk Organizer

Simple DIY Wooden Box Desk Organizer.  A great first time woodworker project or a great building project for kids.
Today’s project would be a really fun thing to make with kids. They could use it on their desk to keep track of their school supplies, and although I put a little quote on my version, you could personalize it with fun colors and a child’s name if you wanted a more kid-friendly final product.

The build itself involves simple cuts and easily manageable pieces of inexpensive hobby lumber.  You could put it together with not much more than a hand saw and drill or you could kick it up a notch and use power tools and even a router to give it a more polished look.

Whatever your skill set (and no matter how small your tool stash) this is a project anyone could handle.   I am hoping to feature more of these “get your feet wet” type of projects (vs. major builds) since I know not everyone wants (or needs) large furniture pieces (myself included), but you still want to play around in the shop.


Wooden pencil holder and desk organizer


One Poplar 1/4 x 6 x 2 Hobby Board (These are only 1/4 inch thick)
One 2x6 (smallest length you can find.  I used a piece of scrap)
1 inch Finishing brads
Wood Glue (I like Titebond III)


3/8 drill bit (Standard, Spade or Forstner)
Hand Drill or Drill Press
Hammer or Nail Gun
Hand Saw or Miter Saw


Router and Decorative or Roundover Bit
Coping Saw
1-1/2 inch Spade or Forstner Bit
Wood Filler
Wood supplies for build


SIDES:  (2) - 1/4x6 (Hobby Board) @ 4”
FRONT: : (1) - 1/4x6 (Hobby Board) @ 8”
BOTTOM: (1) - 1/4x6 (Hobby Board) @ 8” and then ripped down to 4-1/4” wide
BACK: (1) - 2x6 @ 7-1/2"
Board cut list for DIY organizer
 The schematic above shows the front board being notched (you can use a large 1-1/2" round drill bit or a coping saw to make the notch) but if you want this to be simpler you can leave it un-notched, and in that case this is what your pieces will look like:
Wood cut list for desk organizer
Here is how they will go together. This way you don't have any joint seams showing from the front.
Wood pencil holder for desk plans
This is what it looks like in real life: Board layout for desk organizer
And this is the final dimensions of the box: Desk organizer size schematicYou could drill the pencil holes before assembly, but I actually drilled them after it was put together (It was easier for me to hold it under the drill press that way).

Because the boards are so thin, you want to make sure you use wood glue on all the joints: Gluing wooden box together
I used a nail gun to put the pieces together, but you should PRACTICE if you are going to use a nail gun. You have to hit boards that are only 1/4 inch thick and so if your gun isn’t perfectly straight the nails will blow out the side.  I would recommend hand nailing if I had to do it again
Nailing wooden box together with nail gun
Once the box was assembled I used my drill press to put in the pencil holes.  You could easily drill the holes by hand.  You want them as deep as your bit will allow. Drill press to make pencil holderAnd here is the “Woodworking 101” version of the project.   The hobby boards are just slightly taller than the 2x6.  Simple wooden box desk organizerI used my router and sander to knock them down so it looks more like the schematic:
Wooden desk organizer box plans I also added the notch to the front with my coping saw and finished the edge with my router.  Because I was going to paint it, I also filled in the holes with wood filler.
Sanding and Coping Saw Beginnner DIY projectI painted it with Benjamin Moore’s  XXXX (because I had it on hand) Grey painted wooden desk organizing boxAnd finally, I added a Joyce Meyer quote just for fun.  I used Oracal 351 Vinyl that I cut on my Silhouette Cameo.
Personalizing Desk organizer with Silhouette Cut Vinyl
I plan on keeping mine in my workshop. A pencil and a dream desk organizerI am ALWAYS looking for sharp pencils and scrap paper when I am out in the garage.Paper and pencil desk holder wood DIY projectNo more traipsing though the house and spreading sawdust footprints around. Wooden pencil holder and desk organizerThis was really a fun one.  It costs me a little less than $5 for the whole thing.. and took me less than 4 hours start to finish.

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