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15 Bloggers with Mad Building Skills!

If you have been reading blogs for a while, you may remember the days when blogs had blogrolls.  If you aren’t familiar with blogrolls, they are lists of a bloggers’ favorite blogs, typically in the sidebar or on a stand alone page.  In pre-Pinterest days, that was a really common way for readers to find new blogs and great new projects. This word of mouth recommendation for other blogs was a great way to connect.

I removed my blogroll long ago, as most bloggers have, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have favorite blogs. In fact, the longer I blog, the more great content I find from other bloggers..   So today, since I don’t have a blogroll anymore,  I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you in a post instead.

There are so many great blogs out there, I thought I would narrow it down to one category of my favorites: Builder Girls With Power Tools!

It is always disheartening to see women relegated to the pin-up calendar by tool companies and hardware stores.  So today I am going showcase a few of my favorite HARD CORE builder bloggers (who just happen to be ladies!) Since, power tools always go well with a side of estrogen!

First up, the master builder herself, Ana White.
She has so many projects to choose from, and I love her plans.. obviously, but I think this indoor playground with monkey bars and clubhouses takes the cake as my favorite project of hers:
Diy basement playground03 0
Seriously.. isn’t that phenomenal!?
Of course, no DIY Builder list would be complete without Pretty Handy Girl Brittany.  I love her kitchen renovation, but that doesn’t qualify as a build project, so for that I’d have to pick her Farmhouse bed (not so ironically modified from Ana White!)
King size farmhouse storage bed
Any ‘power tool totin’ girl’ list MUST include Sandra (of Sawdust Girl fame).  She is so hardcore she actually owns the trademark to the phrase “Build Like A Girl®”  She is the queen of scratch built cabinetry.
I will never forget finding her blog via her fantastic master closet, but like Brittany’s kitchen, that doesn’t qualify as a build, so for this list I”m going to include her unbelievably awesome corner cabinets with all sorts of slides and drawers and stuff.  (Serisouly.. mind blowing!)
Diy corner cabinet with no wasted space

Amy from Her Toolbelt is one of my newest girl builder finds and I am always amazed at what she can build!  Her crate storage table is what trigged  me to create my own version.  To this day I’m still in love with it.
Crate storage coffee table hertoolbelt

Of course the girls from Shanty 2 Chic are one of the most prominent (and prolific) female builder teams out there.  You just need to browse their archives to see what a vast array of styles and skills Ashley and Whitney posses.   My favorite project has to be this laundry sorter disguised as a dresser.  The idea is genius!
IG laundry sorter 500x407
Kristi from Addicted2Decorating is a builder after my own heart.  She is driven by her desire to get high end items on a shoestring budget and that leads to plenty of ‘get your hands dirty’ building projects.  I think my favorite is this scalloped console table knock off.  She totally nailed the look of the inspiration piece.
DIY scalloped console table price savings1

Elisha at Pnuematic Addict not only builds great stuff, she also offers up quite a few FREE building plans!  My favorite project is this Pottery Barn Kids knock off dresser. I’ve never attempted to make drawers on anything.. so this really wows me!
Solid wood dresser plans diy
Cher, the blogger behind Designs by Studio C is a wonderful resource for building plans.  The best part is that she does a lot of unique and unusual projects, like this cool folding slatted camp stool.
Slatted Stool Leg View
The Design Confidential is a similar blog, with it’s own building plan index.  A great resource for anyone looking for DIY building project ideas.  Rayan, the blogger behind it offers more than your typical furniture plans.  I am in love with this trestle table:
TriTrestleTable 2

You know when a blogger has “build” in her tagline, she has to be pretty kick ass, and that is definitely the case with Jamie from That’s My Letter. She has so many building projects you could get lost on her blog for days.. But my personal favorite is this custom set of lockersLockers1

Mindi from My Love 2 Create is another awesome builder who always impresses me!  It seems like she keeps outdoing herself!  I love her laundry basket organizer (that she made from old deck lumber!)
MyLove2Create pin  1

Another hard core builder is Jen from House of Wood (with a blog name like that, what else would you expect?)  She offers up a ton of free building plans and works closely with a lot of brands, but my absolute favorite is this fantastic desk:NewImageJenn, from Build-Basic is a relative newcomer to the DIY blog scene (although she has been DIYing and building for a long time), and I already know she is going to be a superstar.  Her projects are amazing.  I mean, how cool is this awesome oversized outdoor connect four gameFour in a Row SPLIT FINISH  1
Another blogger that BLOWS ME AWAY with her projects is Corey from Sawdust to Stitches. I originally discovered her on Instagram and have been following her ever since.   She has a ton of build plans, but my favorite project is still the one I originally fell in love with, her workshop table and tool organizer.
Assembly table sawdust2stitches 1

Katie from Addicted2DIY has a great rustic style that I adore.  Another awesome builder, I think my favorite project of hers is this bench made from an old pickup tailgate.  Awesome right?Edited 0903
And finally, before I wrap this list, I have to include Liz from Smart Girls DIY.  She is FEARLESS and I love that nothing stops her.  My favorite build of hers is this garden arbor would would put any commercially purchased arbor to shame!

So who is to say that building stuff is just for boys? I think these ladies all prove that #GirlsWithPowerTools can really rock!    So if you have been too afraid to attempt a building a project I would encourage you to throw your hat in the ring!  Be fearless!!! You can do it! 

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