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Organizing the Cans in Your Pantry for less than 50 Cents!

Organizing Cans with Photo BoxesToday I’m going to share an easy hack for organizing all the canned items you have in your pantry.   This post is brought to you on behalf of the Cans Get You Cooking campaign.  As a compensated Canbassador for the program, my goal is to share the benefits of keeping a well stocked (and well organized) ‘cantry’ on hand, in order to make it easier to create creative and easy homemade meals.

The supplies for this pantry makeover are simple: a couple set of Ikea Photo Boxes (Kassett is the type I used) which cost 99 cents for a set of two!
Ikea Kassett Photo box hackThe boxes are ‘assemble it yourself’ which make them perfect for a quick hack to create can storage racks.

The idea is that you want to shorten one end of the box so that you get a 'dispenser' style setup with easy access to get the cans in and out.All the parts to Ikea s Kassett Box
To do this, first you assemble one side per manufacturer instructions;IKEA cardboard box with only one side
On the other end of the box, you use a can to mark exactly how high you want the side of the box to be.  You want to make the side low enough that it is easy to get the cans in and out, but high enough so they actually hold the cans and stop them from rolling out:Checking can for proper height
Next use a scissors to cut down the inside flaps on the (soon to be short) side of box:Cutting down front of box
Punch two holes in those interior flaps.. This is where the grommets will go through the side of the box and secure the outside flaps forming the new shorter box end. Punch hole in box
Now fold the outside flap up and mark where it needs to wrap over the top of the (now shorter) inside flaps:Marking where to score boxCarefully with a razor blade, score that line. Don’t push to far since you don’t want actually cut the cardboard, you just want to make it so it has a clean bend over the inside flaps:
Scoring with razor bladeYou may have to score both edges for the fold to come out perfect: Scoring new edget of box(Optional) You can mark where you want to place the label holder (which is included with the Kassett boxes)
Marking label holder locationI used a razor blade to puncture the cardboard and then I stuck the label holder through and bent back the prongs to secure it:Adding label to boxNext I lined up the fold outside flaps over the inside flaps and marked the grommet placement:Marking holes for grommetsFinally, I cut down the excess cardboard that is no longer needed:
Cutting down boxNow all you need to do is complete the assembly by folding the outside flap over..
Scoring and folding cardboard box.. and securing with the hardware:Folding down cardboard box
And there you have it.  A photo shortage box turned can dispenser!Ikea box can storage hack
I used it to sort my cans by type within the pantry.  It is now easy to take them in and out, and find everything at a glance:Using cardboard boxes in pantryHaving a large assortment of canned items in your pantry; from pastas, to sauces, veggies and fruit.. even baking supplies liked canned milks, means that you are ALWAYS prepared.  Canned foods can be the hallmark of a healthy diet and are on par with frozen and even fresh foods nutritionally.  But you need to be able to find them when you need them!
Organzing patry
And so as not to waste ANY space I used the tops of the boxes to form a second ‘shelf’ above the dispensers.  This has doubled my total storage space on the shelf without things needed to be stacked and constantly falling over.   Now it will be so much easier to restock my canned food stash knowing what I do already have on hand. Organizing cans in pantry
I hope I have inspired you to organize your “Cantry” !

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