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DIY Chalkboard Arrow (Using a Pocket Hole Jig)

DIY Arrow Chalkboard
Today’s post isn’t as much about the project but the technique I used to make it.  I mean, it isn’t that I don’t think this arrow sign isn’t downright adorable, but these chalkboards signs are everywhere. It isn’t exactly unique.

What is a little more unique about it.. is that it is a great EASY project where you can learn how to create pocket holes.

If you don’t know what a pocket hole is.. here is a quick definition.
Pocket hole
To create my pocket holes I used the Kreg Jig K4.  I actually won this jig from Kreg at Haven last summer, but they aren’t sponsoring this post. 
Kreg jig K4

First you need your boards.  I used an old 18 inch wide board I got in the ‘cull lumber’ pile at Home Depot (it was badly warped) and cut it down into a triangle and rectangle to form the arrow:
Boards to make arrow
I actually had never used this Kreg jig before and it was really simple.  You clamp in the board you want to drill holes in :
Drilling pocket holes in board
Then use the special drill bit (included in the kit) to drill into the pre-measured holes of the jig (there is actually a “stop collar” you can add so you don’t drill too far but I just eyeballed it):Drilling hole with kreg jig
I randomly spaced my holes (since they aren’t holding any weight, just holding the two boards together). Pocket holes for sign
Next I used special self-tapping screws to attach the boards via the pocket holes (a large variety of lengths of these screws are also included in the kit):
Kreg pocket hole screwsThe screws actually have a square head and so you need a special screwdriver bit to insert them (luckily that is also included) :
Screwing pocket holes
And that is all there was to it.  Seriously.. after I made this little sign I was trying to think up other stuff that I could use pocket holes on.  It was THAT easy. Wooden arrow signNow to finish off the project.  I used my favorite Frog Tape to tape off the edges of the sign. I thought having a border would be more fun than having a giant black arrow.
Frogtape wooden arrow
I then painted the inside with Rustoleum Chalk Board paint. (I also got that at Haven.. this is turning into a very “Haven-esque” project!) Painting chalkboard arrowAfter it dried all that was left was to add my message.  I used regular chalk but if you want to go really fancy you should use those awesome chalk markers. Those are super cool.
Chalkboard arrow welcome signI was just going to use my sign around the house (for now) so I went with “Welcome” but if you had a pool or bar or garden it would be cute to put that on the sign instead.
Chalkboard sign arrow
It would also be cute at a Party or Wedding (which is where I see them most typically used.)   But whatever you use it for, it is a really simple project to tackle. Welcome chalkboard signIn case you are interested in trying your hand at pocket holes, or this entire project really, I’ve put together a quick affiliate ‘shopping’ list for all the supplies!

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