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DIY Vintage Locker Tags

How to make vintage inspired locker tagsThis whole idea was actually a result of “necessity is the mother of invention.”   In my next post I am going to share a great new project where I needed some vintage aluminum school locker tags.  I didn’t actually have any lying around the house, and because i wanted to get the post done I didn’t have time to order any.  So instead I knew I had to come up with an alternative made from something I had in the house already.
The Answer:

Galvanized Steel Roof flashing
Galvanized steel roof edget flashingAt this point, I need to tell you that the only reason I have this flashing lying around is because i bought it a long time ago for a marquee light idea I had but never worked on.   This stupid 10 foot long piece of steel has been in the garage for months, always in the way.  But when I looked at it (actually tripped over it looking for something to use) I knew it was the perfect finish.
Aluminum flashing
If you aren’t crazy enough to have galvanized roof flashing in your garage, I have seen other similar projects which use things like dryer duct or even aluminum cans.  Or you can spend the $3 and get 10 feet of flashing.  Enough to make.. (steps away to do math..  4x3 inches/foot x 2 tags per 3 inches x 10 feet…) 80 tags!! 

 Next I went on the internet and looked for inspiration.  I found these great (simple) tags from the LA Unified School district and knew they would be perfect to copy. .
Vintage Aluminum Locker Tags
I used my tin snips to cut the flashing (this stuff is so thin it was actually pretty easy)
Cutting metal flashing for tags
I also cut off the corners (for both decorative and safety reasons.)
Cutting out aluminum tags
I used some 120 grit sandpaper to knock down the razor sharp edges. (This step is important! Don’t skip it) Sanding metal tags
Next I needed holes to hang the tags.  It is possible you could use a hole punch for this (but I didn’t want to risk it) so I just used a phillips head screwdriver and a hammer. 
Punching holes in aluminum tags
Worked like a charm!  (And it is really starting to look like a vintage tag!) 
Aluminum tags DIY
Next I had to add the actual text.  I created these graphics in photoshop.  I replaced Los Angeles with San Francisco.. since well, that is closer to where we live!  Then I imported the graphics into my Silhouette to cut them out of vinyl.   
Locker Tags
If you want to make your own tags:
 HERE is the .STUDIO silhouette file. 
HERE is the .SVG File

This file is FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. You cannot use it commercially and and do not share the file, but instead send people the link to download the file directly.  If you use the file for a project you share online,  please credit and/or link back to me.   

I used some Oracal 651 (permanent black vinyl) and it actually went pretty well.   
School locker tag sticker
I did lose the centers of a few of the smaller letters (A’s and R’s) but when you see how tiny these letters really are, it is pretty reasonable:Weeding tiny vinyl letters(Yes, i use the back of my hand to hold all the weeded out vinyl!) 
I transferred the labels onto the tabs and that was all there was to it!   Instant Vintage Locker Tags!! 
DIY Vintage Locker Tags
I can’t wait to share the entire project with you in my next post!  Make sure you come back and check it out. IMG 4586

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