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St. Patrick's Day Mantel and LUCK Word Art

St Patricks Day Mantel
I have finally got my St. Patrick’s day mantel up and can’t wait to share it with you.  Even though it isn’t a big holiday, it is fun to see what I can come up with every year and this year was no exception.
LUCK valentines mantel
This year I created a couple of new items to use.  One was my String Art Shamrock, which I am still in love with:

 The other is this new large LUCK word art piece.
LUCK signThis was a really fast and easy project that I threw together because I wanted something large and graphic, yet still cheap.  (That is sorta a theme with me!)
I found these ‘wood’ (they are more like MDF) letters at Hobby Lobby, on sale for less than $2 each. And then I grabbed a 2x2 piece of plywood from Home Depot for about $6,  This isn’t the same high quality maple plywood I used for the Shamrock.  This is bottom of the line el-cheap-o plywood:
Luck Plywood SignI decided to play off the gold nails in the string art, so I spray painted the letter with Gold Glitter spray paint from Rustoleum.
Gold Sparkle Spray Paint letters
In the interest of time (and laziness) I also spay painted the board kelly green, but regular paint probably would have been better.
Spray painting plywood
Finally I used a glue gun to attach the letters to the board: Glue gunning on sign letters
And that was all there was to it.  I used it as the centerpiece to my 2015 mantel:
Luck Sign and ShamrockI really like the dark green color align with the brighter more yellow greens.
St Patricks Mantel
I reused my paint chip swag I made a couple years ago..St Patricks Paint Chip Garland
Shamrock on Manteland then just added simple green accessories:
Green Saint Patricks GarlandWishing you a FABULOUS St. Patrick’s Day!
Green Shamrock mantelIf you really love St. Patrick’s Mantels, you can check out my previous versions from the past few years as well: 

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