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How To Get Any K-Cup To Work In The Keurig2.0

Use Any KCup in Keurig 2 0If you follow me anywhere on social media you are probably well aware of my coffee obsession.  If Starbucks had a ‘Platinum Member’ status, I would qualify.
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I drink so much coffee, I have not one, but TWO recent projects that involve my multitude of leftover K-cups.

Because of this (probably unhealthy) obsession with coffee, last year the fine people at Keurig sent me a Keurig2.0 to play with and test out.  The big “claim to fame’ of the 2.0 is that it not only brews single serving K-Cups, but it also brews full pots of coffee.  That is the “2.0” part of this machine.  But this post isn’t really a review of the 2.0.  I don’t love it enough to plug it here. This is more of a ‘hack’ to get around one of the biggest drawbacks this new version has.

Because I already have a plethora of coffee brewing machines, I’m pretty picky about coffee brewers. So when I learned that the 2.0 ONLY ACCEPTS KERUIG 2.0 K-CUPS I was annoyed.
Coffee pot collection
All my previous Keurigs accepted ANY K-cup style pod.  Even non-Keurig brand cups and the refillable K-Cup (which cuts down on all the plastic waste.)  I always loved to buy those huge variety packs of different flavors and types, but this new machine wouldn't accept them.
Variety of Kcups
I also had become slightly obsessed with these Gevalia Lattes and Cappuccinos and when I realized the new Keurig wouldn’t take them, I was not a happy camper. Gevalia Lattes
I was willing to accept that (I mean, I understand, Keurig wants you to buy THEIR cups) but then one day I tried a “Keurig Compatiable” K-Cup (in this case it was Hazelnut flavored Seatttle’s Best Brand)...
Non KCup in Keurig 2 0and it didn’t work! It gave me the error message on the 2.0.   I was peeved.  Here I had spent almost $20 on a box of useless K-Cups!
Error messageAll the information I had read about the 2.0 said that any cups with that white outer ring would work.  But in this case, even THAT wasn’t true.   It was getting to be a total crap shoot.
Incompatible KcupsSo that was that!  I was determined to FORCE the machine to accept any K-Cup!

I knew the way the machine worked was a sensor detecting the outer ring on the lid of the K-Cups, so I found a K-Cup that I knew worked and I removed the lid.Removing Kcup lid
(I did this after I had used the cup so I was left with a piece of foil that had a hole in the center and a slit where I peeled it off the cup:Kcup metal lid
I then laid that right on top of my incompatible KCup and lined up that center hole:
Using Non Compatiable KCups
Here is what it looked like right before closing the brewer:  (You really only need to cover the outer edge of the cup, but this works best since it stays in place without sliding off.)Keurig 2 0 hack
And VOILA!  It is ready to brew my Seattle’s Best KCup! Brewing non K cups in Keurig
Now I just keep that extra foil lid on top of my machine and anytime I get the error message, I just put it over the top of the “bad” KCup and brew away! Brewing coffee with Keurig2 0
Please keep in mind that this is NOT a Keurig approved way of using your Keurig 2.0 and doing this will probably void the warranty and has the potential to damage your machine.  I am not responsible for any damage resulting from following this tutorial. 

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