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Souvenir Wine Cork Ornaments: Remembering Good Times

Cork ornamentsI have been holding onto a bunch of wine corks since I always thought I would use them in a craft project...

But I also have a few souvenir corks that hold a more significant meaning.  Those from bottles of wine we drank on special occasions.  So this year I finally figured out what to do with them.   I used them inside some ornaments, so that every time I look at the tree I am reminded of all those great times.

There really isn’t much to this project.  All you need is an empty ornament (make sure the opening is large enough to accommodate your corks), some ribbon and your corks.

Remove the ornament hanger and insert the corks:
Adding corks to ornamentsRe-attach the hanger and label the ornament with the date and the event.  In this case I used my Silhouette to create vinyl labels, but you could use a sharpie as well. This version is my tribute to our Napa Wine Tasting vacation (we’re going next year so I will replace the corks with the actual ones from our tastings when I get them.)
Cork filled ornamentFinally, add a ribbon. You can either tie it the neck of the ornament or glue gun it in place:
Wine cork ornamentAnd that’s it! You are done.

I also created an ornament to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  The wine corks are from the weekend we celebrated.Anniversary Cork OrnamentIn this case I also added some fake snow and snowflakes to make them more Christmassy:
Fill ornament with corks
I think they are adorable.  I am planning on saving my corks from New Years Eve this year and start a annual tradition of a cork ornament each year.
Wine Cork Ornaments
It seems like a lot of the best times come with wine! Cork ornament

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