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My Filler Post About Nothing Much Really..

Like today's post title?  Well, I am nothing if not honest. I've been working on a BUNCH of great content, but it just wasn't ready to post this morning, so I thought instead I'd just tell you about a few exciting things that have been happening with me lately.  Consider this like the preview before a movie you've been dying to see.  It may not be why you showed up, but it gets you in the mood for the main attraction.

So what 'exciting' things have I been doing lately? Hmm..
Well, I've been pitching in to help Kate (AKA Centstational Girl) and the team from COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) with their Work Clothes Closet storefront makeover.  I've gone up a few times, first to help with the painting and prep work:

There was actually a large group of us (including a high school football team) which was a riot. It was so great to see these teenagers give back to their community. 

And more recently I went up and helped assemble and install these metal pipe clothing racks (full tute at that link):

I am so excited to see it once it is all finished. It is a great space and for a great cause.  

Another charity project I've been working on is the 2014 Christmas in the Community Campaign by ChristmasTreeMarket.com. I was one of a handful of participants chosen to decorate a 7.5 foot Asheville Pine and then install it at a local charity.

Here is what it looks my tree looks like naked:

I'm envisioning a gold/silver color scheme.  Here are some of my inspiration photos:
Right now I'm working on installing it a FABULOUS local homeless shelter and I can't wait to share more details about this project when the time comes.

There have been a few other exciting developments for me and the blog: 
Today.com featured my Turkey Thanksgiving mantel in a round of inspring mantels on Pinterest

And Dremel is featuring my engraved ornaments in their Holiday Gift Guide.   That is pretty awesome!

Finally, to end 2014 with a bang, I'm working on a few giveaways for my readers:
I am currently gathering up a few of my "favorite things" (I feel like Oprah!) and (along with a few of my blogging friends) we will be randomly selecting readers to send them too.

Plus, in early December I'll be joining in ANOTHER Silhouette giveaway.  I am just SOOO OBSESSED with my Silhouette, that I want everyone to have a chance to win one.   Make sure you have joined my mailing list so you don't miss out!

So, that is why there is no post today.. But don't forget to come back tonight to like up to to the You're Gonna Love it Party with Kathe and me! Just because I don't have a new project to share, doesn't mean you don't!

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