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Dollar Store Hurricane Vases with Faux Silverplate Stems

I LOVE decorating for holidays and I am always trying to find vases and candlesticks that can add height and interest to vignettes and mantle arrangements.   I came across these candlesticks during a google search and I thought they would be perfect:
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I love how they are tall and thin, (perfect for a mantle), they vary in height, and the silver stems anchor them and add interest (instead of a regular hurricane vase which is completely transparent.) 

See? Perfect! Right?


The problem was that (1) they were only available in Europe and (2) they were 68 Euros (or about $90!)  There goes that idea.   Now I was on a mission to knock them off.

First stop? The dollar store where I picked up these two candlesticks and tall vases for $4.

The shape was right, but now I needed to make the stems look like they were silverplate.  Enter metallic spray paint:

A couple coats later and things were looking really promising:

To attach the stems to the vases, I inverted them and used super glue to stick them together.

And once they were dry, they were good to go!

 For a Christmas display I decided to add some cheap plastic ornaments:

 I love how the finish came out:

Not bad for $2 each:

This post was originally shared over on Raising Memories in 2013. 

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