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Turn Your Landscaping into Minions!

Ornamental grass minionsSometimes it is funny how fate works.  As of 8 PM last night I didn’t have a post scheduled.  I have been really busy getting my Halloween Home Tour ready and I felt bad about it but I was going to skip posting today.

But then a friend of mine posted the most awesome Halloween landscaping project on her Facebook page and I just had to share it!

You typically don’t see landscaping or outdoor projects from me because I don’t have a yard, so that makes this post even more awesome.  It is something I never even would be able to pull off, even if it had been my idea (which it totally wasn’t!).

Lara lives in the mid-Atlantic region of the country and tall ornamental grasses are really typical in landscaping (I know we have a bunch of it around our North Carolina house):
Tall decorative grass
In the fall you cut it back and it regrows in the spring.  It is really hearty stuff.   But before cutting it down, you can create hilarious halloween landscaping by turning a bunch of it into a Despicable Me2 Evil Minion:
How did they do it?

Well, first they tied up the bushes into either a tall bundle with a full top (for the one-eyed minion) or split the grass bundle in the center to create “pig tails”
Bushes beforeNext they covered up any surface they didn’t want to damage (you can see the drop cloths in the photos) and sprayed the bushes with purple paint.
Spray painting minion bush
It is cool that this is a pretty kid-friendly project (since you don’t really care if the paint is perfect since you are eventually going to cut the bushes down anyhow.)Spray painting grasses
Next they attached the eyes and mouths (you could make them easily out of foam core) and you end up with EVIL MINIONS standing watch in the front yard:
Purple minion bush
Purple minion from grass
I love this project so much.  It is so simple,  yet so creative.  I knew my readers would love it!
Purple grass minions
I am sending a huge thanks to Lara (and Don) for this super great idea, and for letting me share it with all of you!  Apparently this blog is a team effort these days!

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