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Tufted Orange and Black Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Tufted crepe paper pumpkin

Welcome to Day 5 of “Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover” Week!

We are in the home stretch of our 6 pumpkin makeovers in 6 days!  Today’s design was inspired by Halloween parade floats.  You know the kind where they make a chicken wire frame and then stuff the openings with tissue paper?  That was the look I was going for.    I think it is pretty spot on.

To make this version I once again only used dollar store supplies.  One foam pumpkin and two rolls of crepe paper streamers (in black and orange):
Crepe paper streamer wrapped pumpkin
To make sure I had the pattern correct the first thing I had to do was sketch out which part of the pumpkin was going to be which color:
Diving pumpkin into stripes
You have to have an even number of segments for it to work out, and I was lucky since there were already an even number of ‘bumps’ on my pumpkin so it was easy to decide on where the divisions of color would be.

Next I had to create my tufts.  I used the same method I used for my crepe paper shamrock artwork
First I cut the streamers into squares:Crepe paper streamer squaresNext I used a bamboo skewer to form the little ‘floret’ of tissue paper that would be attached to the pumpkin.Tissue paper tuftingUnlike the shamrock, in this case I used hot glue instead of school glue.  The pumpkin was going to take a lot more wear and tear and I wanted to make sure it held up:
Crepe paper black orange pumpkinThis project wasn’t hard.. but it was TEDIOUS.  I seriously almost quit at the halfway mark:
Applying crepe paper tuftingI ended up using an entire roll of each color streamer. That is 72 feet of both black and orange tissue!
Applying tissue paper to pumpkinIt took me a little more than 7 hours to complete this one pumpkin.

YES.. SEVEN HOURS to cut, shape and attach more than 1600 squares.. one at a time.  (Thank goodness the new fall primetime TV lineup is back!)

In actuality I probably could have gotten away with a lot less squares and could have used a pencil instead of skewer to get a more ‘fluffy’ look, but I wanted it to be really full and with lots of ruffles and less open space.  I definitely accomplished that look:Crepe paper covered pumpkin

The high color contrast and texture will make it a great piece to add to a Halloween Vignette.  Plus,  the additional thickness of the tissue layer actually makes this pumpkin larger than the others.. which is a nice way to get a little variety in these pumpkins. 
Crepe paper halloween pumpkin

Come back tomorrow to see the final pumpkin makeover.  

The last one is the fastest and easiest.  It is also the only one that didn't require any sort of glue! 

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