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Dollar Store Fall Leaf Tree (Topiary)

Dollar Store Leaf Tree
Today’s craft is super easy.  Seriously, it is "so easy I can’t believe I am writing a tutorial for this”  easy (maybe I should add that as a blog category.)

Just looking at it you can see it is a tree form covered in leaves, however since I did learn a few small tips for making this little topiary thing (is it is a topiary?) I thought I would share them since they will save you a little trouble if you want to make one.

First, the supplies:  The leaves are from Dollar Tree.  It took me less than a full package to make one 14 inch tree.

Dollar store fake leaves
I used a foam tree form from the craft store.  You could use a rolled piece of poster board like I used for my pom pom trees.  Then you aren't limited to a certain size.
 Look at that.. the are covered with dollar store pom-poms.. I’m seeing a trend here! 
I didn’t want to use hot glue for this project since I was worried it would melt the leaves AND my 5 year old wanted to help, so instead we used school glue.  It worked pretty well, you just have to make sure that you hold the leaves in place and let them set up before you let go:
Gluing leaves onto tree
To get the look of the leaves growing upwards, you want to start at the top of the cone and work your way down.  If you want the leaves to look like they are growing downwards, you would start at the bottom (I didn’t do that since I knew it would be hard to finish the tip of the tree with the bottom edge of the leaves):
Fall leaf topiary
We tried to alternate the colors so that the outline of the individual leaves showed up well.  If you layer red on red or yellow on yellow, they all blend together:
Fall leaf tree
We worked our way to the bottom and then folded over the bottom leaves onto the bottom of the cone to give us a finished edge.Dollar store leaf topiaryFor being inexpensive dollar store leaves, I think they look pretty realistic, especially from afar:
Faux leaf tree
I am thinking of making a couple more of these and having a little leaf tree forest.  They would be super cute in a little grouping on a side table or on the mantel!
Fall tree with leaves

Are you getting ready for fall yet? I’d love to hear about your fall craft ideas in the comments.

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