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Burlap and Twine Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin

Burlap and twine pumpkin made with Mod Podge and a Dollar Store pumpkin
I’m doing something super special this week! A week-long blog series on different variations of Dollar Store Pumpkins.  

Sorta like "Shark Week" only with Pumpkins. 

With the exception of Tuesday, (which will feature the You’re Gonna Love It Linky Party), EVERY DAY this week I am going to share a new way of transforming dollar store pumpkins, so they don’t look like Cheeto-orange styrofoam fake pumpkins.  6 different styles in 6 days.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw how delighted I was when I saw these babies in the store:
IMG 2530
So many possibilities!

The first version I wanted to make was a burlap wrapped pumpkin (since isn’t everything better with burlap?) I originally saw this version at Hobby Lobby but i didn’t love the weird ruffle thing on the top.  Plus I didn’t love the price tag.. more than $20!  WHA?!
Hobby lobby burlap pumpkin
Here is my version.. You can see I copied the twine wrapping but I made it a lot less ‘ruffly.'Burlap pumpkin vignette
I decided to Mod Podge the burlap on, instead of just wrapping or tying it because I wanted the shape of the pumpkin to be really obvious.
Mod podge burlap pumpkin
I knew I couldn’t just add the burlap on the top of the bright orange or it would show through, so I used a little brown craft paint to knock down the brightness.  The goal wasn’t to paint the pumpkin brown, but just disguise the orange a little:
Painting pumpkin
Okay this has got to be on the most disgusting looking photos I have eve posted on my blog.. eewww.
 When it was dry cut a piece of burlap large enough to cover the whole pumpkin:
Wrap pumpkin in burlap
I actually flipped the pumpkin upside down so that the top surface of the pumpkin, by the stem would have the fewest seams.  Next I added Mod Podge all over the surface of the pumpkin (lots and lots of Mod Podge make this project much easier):
Mod podge pumpkin
 I cut a small square in the top of the burlap for the stem to poke through:
Burlap pumpkin stem
When wrapping the pumpkin I cut away any excess burlap and cut long slits to accommodate for the curves:
Burlap mod podge pumpkin
Next I needed to cover the stem and I settled on some fine green jute twine I found at the dollar store (3 rolls for a buck!):
Burlap pumpkin with twine
I used a glue gun to attach the twine to the top:Twine stem burlap pumpkin
And the twine along the indentations in the pumpkin:Twine wrapped pumpkin stem
Burlap pumpkin
Burlap twine pumpkin
Notice my cute little dollar store leaf tree in the background? (Shameless cross promotion 101)
I think it turned out super cute.. total investment, about $2

Come back on Wednesday for the next version!  And don’t forget to swing by tomorrow and link up at the PARTAAAY!

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