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Updating a Brass Medicine Cabinet (Flashback Friday)

How to Spray Paint Medicine Cabinet
When I updated the guest bathroom, one of things I didn’t want to replace was the built in medicine cabinet.  However, the problem was that the medicine cabinet was brass.  Yes.. I know brass is supposed to be ‘trendy’ right now, but I am not a golden shiny brass kind of girl.

Unlike the brass sliding shower doors, which I removed or the lighting fixtures and faucet, which I replaced, the medicine cabinet needed to be transformed. And it needed to be transformed without being removed.

The key to this transformation was this:

Chrome paint

I admit, before I tried it, I was really skeptical.  I mean how good of a finish could it really give me?  But it was worth a shot.  If it didn’t work I would have to replace the cabinet, but if it did, I would save more than $100.

First I taped off the mirror and walls:
Spray painting brass
 I also taped off the interior (since the brass frame wrapped around the door):
Taping off for spray painting
 I roughed up the brass with some fine grit sandpaper and then sprayed away:
Spray paint medicine cabinet
The result?
Spray painted mirrored cabinet
It looked great.  Not super shiny like chrome, but definitely silver metallic.  Here is a photo of the interior:
After spray painting cabinet
I originally painted this cabinet more almost 3 years ago. So how does it look today?

AWESOME.  Here is a photo of it just this morning.  Spray painted brass cabinet
Even with the grubby little fingers on it all the time (and using windex on it over and over again..) the paint is in great shape:
Turning brass to chrome
 Here is how it looks in context with the other chrome fixtures:

You don’t even notice it isn’t quite as shiny.

Don’t you just LOVE spray paint?

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  1. Looks great! But man, all that taping! (That's always the worst part for me!)


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