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Teacher Appreciation Door Decorating Ideas (and Tutorial)

Teacher appreciation door ideasAre you getting sick of my Teachers appreciation posts yet?  Well this is the last one I promise..

In our school, and I know in a lot of others, one of the traditions is to decorate the door with a personalized thank you message during Teacher Appreciation week.

This year I volunteered to do two doors (which I’ll share with you) but I saw so many other great ideas I thought I’d do a little round up of other ideas as well.

My doors were mostly made using my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, but since I know not everyone has one, I also have included ideas that you could do without one.

Here is our teacher’s door that I did (and have included a tutorial for): Teacher appreciation door
Those signatures are the actual handwriting from the students.  To accomplish this I first had them sign a piece of paper with thick marker:
Childrens signatures
Then I scanned them into my computer, traced them and cut them out of construction paper with my Silhouette:
Paper name cut outs

For the background I used a giant sheet of butcher paper and drew on ‘notebook paper’ lines using sharpie.  I used a two-by-four to make it easy to space the lines.  I also used the silhouette to cut out the phrase “We Think Our Teacher is All “Write” 
Notebook paper door cover
I made a giant pencil out of yellow, tan and pink construction paper.  The little metal piece around the eraser is duct tape and the words are vinyl cut on the silhouette (are you sensing a theme here?) Giant paper pencil

Here is the final version: 
You are all Write
For our science teacher, I did something much simpler (because she teaches ALL the kids in the grade it would have been impossible to personalize it with everyone’s names.)

Instead, because a class highlight ever year is an egg drop contest (where students build devices that will keep an egg from cracking when dropped from the roof) I featured skydiving eggs with the phrase “Our Teachers Make Science EGG-citing” 
EggCiting teacher door
I cut the parachute shapes from construction paper, and the eggs were clip art I found online and used the 'print and cut' feature on the Silhouette.  I drew the ‘strings’ on with sharpie.  The words were also cut on the silhouette out of white vinyl.
Skydiving eggs
There were a lot of other great doors this year and I thought I would also feature a few of them.

This one has a “Life is Good” theme. The flowers contain photos of the kids.  This would be another one that would be easy to do on a cutting machine.
Life is Good teacher door

I like this “Thank You For Helping Us Grow” one since it is three dimensional and very graphic.  Also, there aren’t a lot of little pieces to cut out, which would make it a lot easier to put together quickly, and without need for a cutting machine:
Helping us grow door
 This "We Love You to (Reese’s) Pieces" one was a huge hit with the kids (of course!)  The only thing you have to cut out, besides the wording, are circles.  A GREAT option if you don’t have access to a cutting machine.
Reeses Pieces Door
 And this was is fun because it is more than just a door.  The bee says “Thank You for BEE-ing a Great Teacher” and the little trail she has left is made up of the kids names.  This is another with large shapes that would be pretty easy to cut out.
Bee door
I am always impressed with all the creative ideas out there. It is fun to see how other people decorate each year.  And it gives me great inspiration for next year!

If you are still looking for other ideas, here are a few other round ups of door decorating ideas from Skip to My Lou and One Creative Mommy to check out.  Since you can never have too much inspiration.

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