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I Hope This Isn't The Last Post You'll Ever See! *Gulp!*

This post may not apply to some of you** (mainly those of you reading this post in an internet browser or though a reader like Bloglovin) but for ALL OF YOU READING THIS IN YOUR EMAIL this is important.  

**If you aren’t a subscriber, scroll to the bottom of this post and SIGN UP! I’m telling you.. you are missing out!

I have decided to change the way my posts are being delivered to your inbox and I wanted to give you a heads up.  Currently I am using Feedburner to deliver my posts to all of you who have subscribed via email.   Well, Feedburner has been dying a slow awful death for a while now, and I can no longer ignore how unreliable it has become.   So going forward (after today’s post) I am changing the way my posts get delivered.

This shouldn’t mean anything for my subscribers (except that now you should expect a lot nicer formatting and generally better looking emails.) I should be able to move you over to the new email system without anything going wrong, but if you stop getting emails from me, you may want to mosey on back here and let me know (or try to re-subscribe using that little sign up box over there on the top right <=====.)

You also may want to check that any new emails are not getting stuck in your spam filter since they will be coming from me (bloggeradmin [at] thekimsixfix [dot] com) The reply address on the new emails will be my personal one (so if you ever want to comment on a post in your inbox all you have to do is hit ‘reply’!)

The best part about this switch is that I am now able to offer a “Digest” version of my posts.  So now, if you would rather not get an email every time I post, you can get only one email per week (on Monday mornings) which will include ALL the posts you missed for the previous week. You can also select which email format (text only or HTML) you prefer.

Nice hey?

Everyone who is currently subscribed will continue to receive posts as soon as they go live (the daily version) but you can change that setting by re-signing up (or send me and email and I can just switch you over.)

Anyone who isn’t subscribed, here is your chance!  Just fill out the following form and never miss a post again!  (You address is completely confidential, I am the only one who will ever send you anything and you have the ability to unsubscribe at any time.)

Get posts delivered to your inbox

Subscription Type
Email Format

Assuming everything works like it should, anyone who sign ups this weekend should expect their first post on Friday morning (if you subscribe to daily posts) or Monday Morning (if you subscribe weekly)

Eventually the emails “newsletters" will feature additional content that isn’t available anywhere else, and I plan on doing a couple of subscriber-only giveaways** (see previous comment about how you are missing out.)   For now I am just going to make sure that everyone is smoothly switched over and my posts are showing up on time and properly formatted. 
Computer frustration
Thanks so much for sticking with me during this transition.   I admit I am not 100% sure of what I’m doing.. This is a DIY project and I know full well that means there will be a speed bump somewhere.

There always is! 

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