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My Baby is One! (Celebrating with Polka Dot Cakes)

Babys first birthday
I can’t believe it has been exactly one year since I proudly announced the arrival of my baby boy.

Birthday candle
Time has flown by and I can’t believe how much the baby has changed. They grow up so fast.. maybe even too fast.  *sniffle*

I have blogged multiple times about the importance of birthday cakes in our family.  From Princess Dinosaurs, to cupcakes baked inside ice cream cones, birthdays always mean cake.    So of course for this big day we had cake.

This was a little experiment I wanted to try using cake balls baked into a full size cake.  It was actually really simple, and I trusted the girls to help with a lot of it.
Birthday cake
We also made mini versions (specifically since we wanted the baby to have a ‘smash cake’ that he could destroy):
Polka dot cupcakes

Today I also thought I would share what I learned in case anyone else wanted to attempt their own version.

First, I didn’t bake the cake from scratch (ain’t nobody got time for that).  Instead I used these colorful funfetti mixes:
Blue and white cake ingredients

I used my cake pop maker to bake the Aqua Blue cake into cake balls:
Cake pop maker
Once they were cool, I put them in the bottom of my cake pan (I didn’t have standard sized pans that were very deep so I used a springform pan instead):
Cake balls inside cake
I poured the white cake batter over the cake balls and made sure they were spread out evenly. The balls will want to float so you have to keep pushing them down. I inserted the cake into the oven and once it was partially cooked, I double checked that the cake balls were still in place.

After the cake was baked I removed it from the pan and flipped it onto a cake plate:
Unfrosted cake
We frosted it with canned frosting and then coated the top with sprinkles  (This was the girls’ original design choice.)
Sprinkles birthday cake
 It doesn’t look very exciting from the outside, but the ‘wow’ factor happens when you cut into it:
Cutting birthday cake
I love how the cake balls turn into “cake polka dots” inside the cake.
Blue birthday cake
We also had a few extra cake balls and a little white batter left over so I dropped the extra into a cupcake pan.
Blue sprinkle cupcake
This is what it looked like when those were cut in half:
Blue and white cupcakes
A fun little surprise!  And the baby seemed to enjoy it:
Baby cake face
His favorite part was definitely the sprinkles.  Watching him pick them off one by one was hilarious:
Baby frosting eater

Happy birthday my wonderful boy.  I love you more than you will ever know! 

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