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Children's Artwork Gallery Wall (Updated): Flashback Friday

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It is Friday again, which means time to look back at a project from the past.   Today I am featuring my Kids' Artwork Gallery Wall, which orignally was installed in the playroom back in August of 2012.

Here is what it looked like back then:

There are a million ways to layout gallery walls. I use a pretty lazy technique of sketching out the gallery outline with chalk:

 and then laying it out on the floor and installing by eye.

It has always worked great for me:

And I love how flexible it is.. since nothing lasts forever!

With the addition of baby J I have been taking a lot of teasing from friends and family because I hadn't added his initial to my kids' artwork gallery wall (See how there is only one E and one J? Now I need one more "little J")

Well as fate would have it, I found this 'j' at the thrift store for $1.99.  It was really ugly and was slightly warped, but i knew I could give it some TLC and fix it up.

I taped off the area between the j and the dot, and I sprayed it black to go with my other letters.

Of course, because it was a "J" I had to get help from the bigger J-child with the spray painting.

I then painted the space between the j and the dot with the wall color it was going to be up against.  

I took down a large section of the wall and re-laid the frames out on the floor to accommodate my new little "j." The nice part was that I was able to leave most of the wall the way it was. I had a lot of flexibility since my only goal was to stay within the original chalk line.

 Here is what it looks like today:  

I actually added a couple new frames along with the new 'j' even though the total area is still the same, they are just packed in tighter.

So now I have thee initials and a little more recent artwork... Finally.
And if you are looking for your own Giant Letters check out Oddity Inc. They have a large assortment capital and lower case letters, symbols and other shapes.  (Aren't ampersands all the rage these days?!)

Have a great weekend!  See ya' in March!

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  1. I adore this! Pinning it so I can save the idea for when we do our attic space!

  2. Elizabeth Marie KippApril 17, 2014 at 3:37 AM

    I love this. Do you mind telling me the size frames you used and the size of the wall? Thanks!

  3. The two large square ones (in the top left and bottom right corners) are 20x20 (one is the Virserum frame by ikea). Most are the standard 8x10 sizes (They are mostly the RIBBA frame line from Ikea. ) The small frames are 5x7 (a lot are from thrift shops and I just spray painted them) It is all just really really random!

  4. Elizabeth Marie KippApril 18, 2014 at 8:33 AM

    Thank you for your time.


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